5 Things to Consider When Choosing Home Care vs Nursing Homes for Your Loved Ones

If your loved ones need some extra care and support as they get older, you may be considering the differences between home care vs nursing homes.

Is your loved one getting older?

After the age of 65, physical and cognitive health often deteriorates, putting people at risk for falls and improper self-care. This makes additional support important.

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But, how much assistance does your loved one need? The answer to this question determines whether they can receive home care or need to move to an assisted living facility.

Read on to learn 5 considerations to make when choosing home care vs nursing homes.

Home care vs. nursing home
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Factors to consider when choosing between a care home or a nursing home

1. Physical Ability

While some people take long walks at 95, others cannot walk unassisted at 70. This makes a huge difference when considering whether or not your loved one would thrive with home care for independent living.

While somebody can help your loved one get around and complete tasks, you need to consider if they can do it for themselves when nobody is there. If they need minimal help, then they can enjoy the comforts of their own home.

But, you should know that falls hospitalize around 800,000 people each year, some result in death, and once somebody falls it doubles their chances to fall again. So, if you think your loved one is at high risk for falling between home care visits, then you should consider a nursing home.

2. Cognitive Health

How sharp is your loved one? Impaired cognition can result in injury and death if the person is left alone. 

In the early stages of dementia where slight forgetfulness occurs, they can probably get by with regular home health care. But, if they wander off, often forget things like who or where they are, or cannot recall how to make phone calls, then they need more care.

3. Home Layout

When considering home nursing care, consider the layout of their home. They will need access to the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen for food.

A big house full of stairs may make living at home difficult. But, if you can make necessary safety accommodations then they can live at home.

4. Resources

Even if your loved one needs a lot of care, they can potentially stay home safely if they have a strong support system. If the family cannot help much and you cannot afford constant home health care, then you might want to consider a nursing home. But, if you can manage to keep people there most of the day, a home care agency can very well work.

5. Preference

What does your loved one want?

Some people enjoy the activities provided by a nursing home and living amongst peers. Others prefer keeping full independence and living in the privacy of their own home. Ask your loved one for their input. 

nursing home vs. home care
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Choosing Home Care vs Nursing Homes

When choosing home care vs nursing homes, think deeply about every factor. If your loved one wants to live at home and you have the resources for them to safely do so, then home health care will allow for it. Holding on to independence is important for many people.

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