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5 Benefits of Baby Wearing Every New Mom Will Love

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Being a new mom is an emotionally and physically difficult time. There are so many changes to your body post-partum, and it’s not an easy time for your newborn either!

The good news is that wearing your baby has so many benefits for you both.

Read on for 5 benefits of baby wearing you need to know about. 

1. Strengthens the Parent/Child Bond

One of the biggest benefits of baby wearing is the bond it creates between baby and parent.

Being physically close (skin-to-skin touching) stimulates the “bonding” hormone called oxytocin. This hormone is released in both the baby and the parent. 

While your baby is cradled in a carrier, he or she feels safe, warm, and nurtured. This physical touch meets the infant’s need for security and attachment. Check out all the different styles available for baby carriers.

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2. Promotes Physical Development

Many people are surprised to learn that the positive effects of baby wearing include healthy physical development. 

Being next to a parent regulates an infant’s temperature, heart, and breathing rates. Baby can tune into mom or dad’s breath, heartbeat, and movements and mirror them.

This is especially important for babies who are premature or unhealthy. Being in a carrier stimulates an infant’s physical response. It exercises the child’s vestibular system, which controls balance.

During the fourth trimester, babies want to feel the safety of the womb. Swaddling and wearing your baby are two ways to recreate that feeling. A carrier acts as a transitional womb for a newborn who has not yet adapted to life on the outside.

Also, being in an upright position or inclined helps the baby with digestion. Infants have less reflux and spit up when they are upright. 

This position also helps them gain neck and head strength as they can look around at the world. Yet, the support of the carrier is there for when the baby gets tired of supporting his or her own head. 

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3. Babies Fuss Less

The best tips for new moms have to do with how to keep the baby happy instead of fussy. A crying baby is exhausting. Not just for the parents who are likely sleep deprived but also for the baby.

Research shows that the more babies are held, the less they cry or fuss. Crying floods the brain with stress hormones. It is not true that babies need to learn to self-soothe at this tender age.

In fact, babies who don’t waste all their energy crying can observe and learn about their brand new world. 

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4. Promotes Language Development

When a baby is constantly close to a parent’s voice and can watch them interact with the word, they are learning.

Baby wearing encourages sociability and language development in babies. They also learn about family relationships from their close-up vantage point. 

5. Wearing a Baby is Convenient

Finally, the final benefit of wearing a baby is that it is convenient. It allows mom or dad to have two hands-free to do various tasks.

Parents don’t have to navigate tight corners or narrow aisles with a stroller. Car seats are heavy and cumbersome to move around and can cause back pain in parents.

Also, packing a carrier or sling is easy. It doesn’t take up a lot of room and is easy to take anywhere.

A sling also allows for discreet nursing when in public. Plus, it can block out noise and sights when the baby is over-stimulated and needs to sleep. 

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Enjoy the Benefits of Baby Wearing

Thanks for reading! We hope this article with its 5 benefits of baby wearing convinced you to give it a try with your child.

Next, check out our other informative articles for you to read. 

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3 thoughts on “5 Benefits of Baby Wearing Every New Mom Will Love”

  1. Oh I love baby wearing. I use it all the time with my baby, until he became too heavy for one! I highly recommend moms with newborns to give this a try!

  2. Katie @ Teacher and the Tots

    I love this post. I baby wore with my second all the time and have done the same again with my third who is 3 months now. It’s definitely convenient but I appreciate the other benefits too!

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