19 of the Best Gifts for Toddler Girls under $50

Searching for gifts for toddler girls? See my suggestions below for some great gifts for toddler girls of all ages! 

While there is no official definition of what age range the word ‘toddler’ applies to, most people refer to 1-4 year olds as toddlers. The older the toddler, the better they understand and find value in the gift that you get for them. Even when they are only a year old, you can make sure that they find value in the gift by getting a toy that contributes towards their development. They should contribute towards their color recognition and fine motor skills, for example. Even if they are just for fun, toys for toddler girls should stimulate their creative thinking abilities.

Gifts for Toddler Girls
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In the list below, you will find gifts that a toddler girl can use for many years and continue to find value in as they grow past their toddler years.

19 Gift Ideas for every female toddler

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Gift Ideas for Ages 0-2 years

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule as kids will differ based on many factors. However, children between the ages of 0-2 years old will be working on things like shapes and colors and also identifying and grouping or sorting everyday items. Their vocabulary will also begin to develop midway through this age range.

When you are searching for gifts for toddler girls between 0-2 years old, you may want to keep that in mind.

  1. Balanced Villain blocks
Gifts for Toddler Girls

When it comes to toys for toddlers, building blocks are always a great option to target motor skills. This set of wooden blocks is made sturdy and can be used in a wide variety of ways. You may find that older kids (above 4 years old) also find these entertaining to use.

2. Easy Pop Up Princess Tent

Play tents are ideal for imaginative play. It is very spacious inside and so your child can play inside with friends as well. The tent is also very easy to assemble and easy to fold back up so you do not have to worry about it becoming a messy obstacle in your home each day.

3. Inflatable Sprinkler Pool

Gifts for Toddler Girls

This is the perfect gift for a toddler girl who loves water. It is also very easy to set up. This blow-up pool is great for those warm summer days when your kids want to get out. You can use it in your backyard and it can accommodate 2-3 little children at the same time.

4. Farmer’s Market Sorting Set

This is a play set of produce that will help with not only identifying the produce, but also sorting colors. The pieces are of high quality and look realistic as far as play food goes! They are so durable that they will withstand a lot of the havoc that toddlers seem to wreak on their toys.

5. Rainbow Unicorn Sensory Fidget Toy

Fidget toys are ones that both young and older toddlers can get into. This is durable, easy to use and comes in handy for long journeys. Fidget toys like this are great because they can be used to practice color recognition. Beware – they are addictive!

6. Wooden activity cube

Gifts for Toddler Girls

This activity cube comes with colorful stacking cups and makes for a great birthday gift. It does not take up much room and you can store it compactly. A toddler girl will find use for it for quite some time as it can be used in so many different ways.

7. Wooden toddler puzzle

This is very well-made with the pieces coming in a drawstring bag. It makes for such a bright and pleasant toddler girl gift as the pieces are so colorful. The puzzle pieces, though small and perfect for little hands, are also sturdy and durable.

8. Musical Piano Mat

This is one of those ideal gifts for toddler girls if you know that they like to stay active. It provides them with the physical activity they need while at home and provides hours and hours of entertainment.

9. Balance Toddler Bike

This fantastic tricycle is made in such a way that you do not have to stress about your toddler keeping their balance. It is very comfortable and lightweight while also managing to be sturdy. For parents, it is also helpful to know how easy the bike is to assemble.

10. Musical Instrument Set

This set includes a xylophone, a drum and maracas. The set has a nice and large collection of instruments and so it is good value for money. It is a good way to introduce new instruments to your child and get them to express themselves in a different way.

11. Water doodle mat

Now if you are looking for a versatile gift for a toddler girl that she will be able to make use of a few years, this is it. It’s a parent’s dream gift if you appreciate a mess-free household. There’s no ink or crayon to worry about! Any water from the pens that goes anywhere apart from the mat is only going to dry up. The mat comes with a few different writing tools to provide some variety for your toddler.

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Gift Ideas for Ages 3-4 years

By this age range, toddlers are generally able to follow multiple instructions at one time. They also know quite a lot of colors and enjoy being able to show off their ability to identify them. Toddlers between 3 and 4 years old also get the concept of pretend play a lot better and so enjoy engaging in it.

12. Children’s Selfie Camera

This is one of the best gifts for toddler girls as they get bit older. By age 3, a toddler is likely to find photos and the process of photography interesting. You’ll find that they love your own phone and/or camera. This kids camera is very easy to use for little hands. It is also made of material that makes it difficult for a toddler to easily destroy it.

13. Flower garden building toy

This is a great gift for a little girl who loves flowers and gardening in general. It is not only fun but also easy to use and excellent for imaginative play as there many different ways that the toddler can make use of it. Kids older than 3 years old will be able to enjoy this toy set too.

14. LCD Writing tablet

Gifts for Toddler Girls

Here is another beautifully mess-free gift idea for you! It is ideal for long car rides as it is versatile and lightweight. It is also great as a tool for homeschooling. The functionality that this tablet provides might surprise you. Your toddler’s older siblings and friends will enjoy it too.

15. Disney Princess Matching Game

The cards or tiles are sturdy and pretty as well. The quality of the cards will surprise you when you consider the cost. You can adjust the level of difficulty for your toddler as she gets older or more used to the game.

16. Skillmatics I Can Write

Gifts for Toddler Girls

These are erasable and reusable activity mats. You are not going to have pieces or sheets of paper lying all over the place with this gift! It is excellent for your pre-schooler to practice her fine motor skills. It is also great for families who homeschool as kids get to continuously practice their writing throughout the day in a fun way. It is a good gift to keep your little ones occupied for a while when you need to focus on getting stuff done.

17. Matching Letter Game

If you have a daughter who seems to be glued to the screen, you might find that this game will tear her away from it for a while at least. It is a great game to get her practicing her alphabets and phonics at home. She will also get to go through actually spelling words. It is a very simple game – you do not need something too complicated to walk your child through learning how to spell at this early stage.

18. Hover Hockey Bowling Set

Gifts for Toddler Girls

This set is so easy to put together that your 4 year old girl may be able to do it herself. It will keep her busy for a long time and will also be a hit when she has friends over! Whether your daughter specifically likes hockey or not, she is going to enjoy this set. You will be happy to know that the pucks have bumpers which will stop them from damaging furniture therefore they are alright to use at home.

19. Karaoke Microphone

Gifts for Toddler Girls

This is so easy to use that it will not take you or your child long to figure out how many different things you can do with it. It is great value for money as it is more durable than it looks. You can connect it to anything from your phone to your computer to let your girl sing along to songs she knows.

Any one (or two!) of these gifts would make every toddler girl very happy indeed!

Gifts for Toddler Girls
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This is a great list. We have quite a few of these and my toddler loves them. We especially love the water mat…lots of time playing and minimal mess!

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