Blogmas Day 1: Christmas Marketing
Photo by Matthieu Joannon on Unsplash

Blogmas Day 1: Christmas Marketing

I can do this. I can carve out a little time each day to write a post – long or short – about how the day’s gone or is going. It will my daily catharsis. Lord knows I need it.

Honestly, I’ll try my best because I’ll enjoy doing. Not because I know anyone will actually be reading it! If anyone is reading it though, I hope you enjoy the teeny bits of mundane that I’ll be sharing. Some days may well be some pre-scheduled posts instead and other may be…absolutely nothing because I’m too tired to type. Some days (maybe today) I might finish off without a proper conclusion. Just being honest.

As December starts and Christmas approaches, I’m reminded of how I’ve come to dread the season over the years. Starting in my final year of university when my family were all overseas for Christmas and I was alone in my student accommodation. Other things make me dread it a bit now too but I won’t go into that. Yet.

I’m doing my best to remind myself about the reason for the season and be grateful that I won’t be alone in a room somewhere on Christmas Day!

blogmas day 1 mulled wine
Photo by Gaby Dyson on Unsplash

We went Christmas marketing today and I was reminded again of how surprising Germans can be. I went from being annoyed that someone had almost banged a door into our pram and not bothered to apologise to pleasantly drinking mulled wine in the biting cold next to another very lovely couple who randomly struck up a conversation with us.

blogmas day 1
Photo by Matthieu Joannon on Unsplash

That mulled wine left me feeling a bit I’ll actually. I’m not sure now if I ever liked it or if I only felt like I had to have it at Christmas. At a Christmas market!

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  1. Mellissa

    I love this idea! I definitely need to get motivated to write more. Life always seems to keep me from doing it! (I love mulled wine, by the way. But only in moderation. It can be so sweet!)

    1. Kin Unplugged

      Life really can get too busy for this but I think it’s good if you do it from a point of not pressuring yourself into making it happen every single day.

      Yessss Mulled wine IS too sweet!

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