Blogmas day 22: Fudgy warm goodness

Today has been lovely. And I promise it’s not only because I got to eat some fudgy warm chocolate cake fresh out of the oven but also because I got to spend it with my sister, niece and nephew. Always so nice to see how excited my little girl is to see her aunt and cousins too.

fudgy warm cake
© Kin Unplugged

It was also a wet, grey and very British day in terms of weather but I’d rather not go into that!

My sister made some chocolate fudge cake (recipe here) that was oh so soft and just…just right. She intended for it to be a lot less fudgy than it was but it was perfect for me. She’d also made some waakye for lunch which I know the hubs will be sad he missed out on.

fudgy warm cake
© Kin Unplugged

On another note, I walked into a nail salon this morning with the intention of getting some false nails for the very first time in my life. Sat down, had them filed, and then stopped the lady and walked right out. Probably the fastest appointment they’d ever had. What I was thinking even contemplating it, I’ll never know. Not because I’ve ever had anything against them, but because I’ve never even thought about getting them until yesterday and I knew I’d regret it as soon as they were done. Maybe even before they were done.

Why I even considered it is a story for another day.

It didn’t help that the lady didn’t seem to be very interested in doing my nails anyway. Never heard someone try so hard to convince a customer to get a quicker treatment/process done in my whole life.

She was also very aggressive with her nail file. I shudder to imagine her coming at me with a cuticle remover.

Now I’m so exhausted I can barely keep my eyes open.

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