Folded underwear & Self-care
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Folded underwear & Self-care

I was folding a pair of panties the other day and it hit me that I hadn’t done that in longer than I could remember. I hadn’t folded my own underwear in months. Wow. My kind of self-care involves folded underwear.

Baby E was asleep and I had tiptoed out of the room to get a drink of water. On my way back into the room, I saw a pile of clean laundry that needed folding and thought to myself that I’d just do the underwear to start with and then go back in to nap with her. Ten minutes in, I realized how much I was enjoying folding. Just the underwear. In a way that I never enjoy folding all other clothes.


When I was much younger and in boarding school, a friend of mine showed me how she folded her panties into compact sock-like, cute little packages (I’ll see if I can find a video online of how to do it and insert it HERE). It’s a hack more for organisation than saving space, in my opinion, but I loved it. I was probably about 15 years old then but I’ve folded my panties exactly like that until after Baby E was a newborn baby over a year ago and I somehow started to just toss my panties unfolded *shock horror* into my underwear drawer! It was a little task that wasn’t so little anymore when you consider how much time it actually takes.

yoga and folded panties as self-care
Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

Now I realize that it’s a little task that also somehow makes me feel like I’m taking extra care of myself. I’d go so far as to say that it makes me feel half as good as I feel when I’ve had a yoga session.


I really need to find something else that makes me feel like I’m showing myself extra love. Perhaps some sort of in-depth skincare routine…

How about you?

Do you have any weird or quirky self-care routines?


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  1. Chay

    My idea of self care is treating myself to a wax. I’d really prefer if i got them more frequently but as a mom it’s a luxury now.

  2. Kam

    Oh yeah. Motherhood does that. You tend to forget very simple things you were so used to before. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Beth

    Self care is whatever you want it to be! Whatever makes you feel like you’re pampering yourself!

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