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11 Awesome Family-themed Free printable colouring pages for kids

free printable colouring pages for kids

It is great to be able to spend lots of time with your toddler and be able to actually watch them grow and develop. However, sometimes, you just need a breather. It may be time to look into toddler activities to keep your toddler occupied for long enough to let you get anything else done apart from supervising them. In this post you will get some help with how to keep your toddler busy with free printable colouring pages. Find some free printable colouring pages for kids below that will keep them busy for a long time.


What are the benefits of coloring pages?

printable colouring pages for kids
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Even for adults, colouring presents a wide range of benefits. Arguably though, the advantages of coloring pages for children may be more than the advantages for adults. 5 benefits of colouring pages for kids include:

printable colouring pages for kids
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  1. It helps to calm down a hyperactive toddler. They have to focus their energy on the act of colouring and choosing the colors they are using. This helps to settle them mentally. This is why, in the same way that it would for adults, coloring helps to reduce stress levels for children. Coloring sheets are a great way to teach a preschooler to concentrate on one activity for a period of time. 
  2. Free printable coloring pages for kids like those you will find on this page will help to enhance your kids’ color recognition.
  3. Kids love free printable coloring sheets like the ones in this post because they are also a chance for them to explore their creativity. Colouring stimulates their creativity by giving them ideas of different scenes and characters they could make up simply by changing up colours used on coloring sheets, for example.
  4. Colouring is, of course, also excellent for honing a child’s motor skills. They learn how to properly grip their crayons or colouring pencils and this also strengthens their hand muscles. The fine motor skills that they need for daily life are also improved when they use colouring pencils and thinner crayons. 
  5. Hand-eye coordination is improved. They have to coordinate their hand movements as they shade with their movements as they follow the dots or numbers that they are seeing on paper. 

These free printable colouring pages for kids are suitable for kids of all ages. Yes, even older kids can make good use of them.

printable colouring pages for kids
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11 Free Printable coloring sheets in PDF format to keep your kids occupied and entertained

These coloring sheets are interesting as well as educational. They are based on the family unit and depict different types of members of the family from father to grandparents. They also show different kinds of relationships between members of the nuclear and extended family. These pages will be useful to create conversation between yourself and your child about people and relationships that they recognize and also about those that they do not. 

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To me, of all the benefits mentioned above, I find the opportunity for calm to be the most useful. That may be because I have a preschooler who wants to be active all day everyday. Sometimes, when she is not in nursery, it just feels good to have her sit down and do some quiet colouring while I take a few deep breaths or get some kind of work done around the house. It is a lovely, indirect form of self-care for me and a time during which she is unknowingly practicing mindfulness.  

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While there are colouring books for kids specifically aimed at mindfulness, I think that all types of coloring books can provide that piece of stillness and focus on something that toddlers need from time to time. 

Disclaimer: At no additional cost to you, I receive a small commission on items purchased through this page.

Supplies for colouring in these free printable sheets

Best printer for monochrome printing

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printable colouring pages for kids

Tools to have at home for your toddler’s coloring activities

For larger images, your preschooler can use chunky crayons or thinner crayons. That is because they will not need a finer tipped instrument to colour in larger spaces. For more’complicated’ images, your toddler will definitely find it easier to use fine tipped instruments like colouring pencils, felt tipped pens or very thin crayons. Those will provide better definition. 

How to download these free printable colouring pages for kids

printable colouring pages for kids
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They are available in PDF format therefore all you have to do is click below and you will receive them in printable form once you confirm your email address. Use the printer options on your computer to select individual pages if you desire but there are only 11 pages in this PDF. You may not use all 11 pages in one go but the rest will definitely be useful on another rainy day when your toddler is looking for something to do!

Simply Print and Colour! Enjoy!

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