5 Amazing Home Designs to Prepare for a New Baby

Are you preparing to bring home a new baby? There will be many things that you have probably already ticked off your to-do list. From baby shopping to packing your hospital bag to finding time for some self-care pre-baby. How exciting if you also have the opportunity to re-design your home to prepare for a new baby! Home designs suitable and stimulating for a newborn baby are such fun to come up with.

Both practically and aesthetically, there are various ways to make your home more welcoming for your little one, and the nursery should not be your only focus. Here are five home design ideas for you if you are designing your home in preparation for your newborn baby.

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Newborn Baby Ideas for Home Designs 

1. Black & White

When we are first born, our eyesight is limited. A baby’s eyesight will, however, respond well to highly contrasting colours such as monochrome paintings or black and white decor. Setting up an accent wall in your living room or in your baby’s nursery is a great way to prepare for a new baby. It will give your newborn baby some visual stimulation. Also, if you are looking for baby girl room ideas that are not pink, this works as black and white are a unisex colour scheme. It will work for gender neutral home designs. 

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2. Round themed 

Health and safety should be your priority when you have children in the home. It is no less important when you have a brand new baby who is not yet able to crawl or walk. They grow so quickly that you will get to that point sooner than you expect and it is best to come up with home designs that take safety into account now.

Furniture with no sharp edges and yet still pleasing to the eye and ideal from a utility perspective are what you should be looking for. Keeping to themes for circles and ovals will help you visualize and achieve this. Think round ottomans with storage, round pillows or cushions, round mirrors to help open up smaller rooms and round, tufted centre and side tables.

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velvet storage ottoman stool
Velvet Storage Ottoman

3. Soft themed 

Still on the consideration of “safety first”, focusing your home design on softness will create a feeling of warmth and coziness in your home. If you pick the right furniture and materials, you could also achieve a feeling of luxury with a theme of softness. 

The elements you could add in include throws,carpets, rugs, cushions or pillows. Also consider switching your leather sofas with sofas made of soft fabric or throwing in a bean bag chair or two. The plusher, the better. Velvet side tables, for example, can also help to achieve a softness in your baby room design. 

Fabric Sofa

4. Clear it out

Could minimalism be your word for parenthood? Sometimes, doing a thorough clearout of furniture and items that you know you do not use can make all the difference to the design of your home. Give away and/or sell anything in your home that you have not used in the last two – five years. You know you will not miss it if you have not made use of it in that long. Clearing everything out means that you have more space available in your home for baby items (which can build up very quickly). You also create room for yourselves as a family to lounge around and truly enjoy your home without the trappings of excessive furniture and clutter. 

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5. Focus on the floors

A lot of parents find that it is more comfortable to do a lot of baby reated activities on the floor. From nappy or diaper changes to tummy time, the floor could become the place where you spend the most time with your new baby. Apart from making sure it is always clean, you can design your home with your floors with your new baby as priority.

From room to room, you can alternate between rugs, hardwood floors, cool tiles and thick carpets. It will add some variety to your home or create a theme if you choose only one option throughout your home. It will also give your baby a varied sensory experience. In different rooms, your baby gets to enjoy different kinds of feelings on their hands and feet. Be careful if you go for tiles as they can be dangerous. 

Did you/do you plan to re-design your home for your new baby? What kinds of home designs do you think work best for a newborn?

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8 replies on “5 Amazing Home Designs to Prepare for a New Baby”


These are some good getting ready for that bundle of joy ideas. We didn’t have guides growing up our guides to having a baby was mom n mother in law.

It’s amazing how much stuff you get for a new baby and it can make the house seem more cluttered. Good tip to clean out stuff before baby arrives.

Minimalism in our nursery was big for me when I had my babies.

I love all these themed ideas! I think my favorite is the round theme and especially that chair! So safe for the little ones!


Great tips! We uncosciously did many of these things. As for sleeping, for the first year, our son was in our bedroom.He had a black & white photo of kitty cats over his bed and it was something he always gazed at!

I wish I would have done some of this prior to having my daughter because after she was born and the years after I have simply been too busy to make my home a priority.

This is one of those sensible ideas lists that makes such perfect common sense when you read it, but aren’t so obvious until then. Thank you for these great tips! We were still settling into our new house when our firstborn arrived, and I wish I’d prioritized the unpacking and settling around some of these concepts!

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