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An Ikea Minnen Bed Review: the Most Practical Toddler Bed

ikea minnen bed

Have you been on the hunt for the perfect toddler bed? You may have seen a few online already and wondering which to settle on. Here is my Ikea Minnen bed review. As you’ll find below, it might be one of the best purchases you will make for your toddler. 

We settled on our Ikea toddler bed for our 2-year old daughter after about a week of searching. We found a ton of options! However, the Ikea Minnen bed made the most sense for a variety of reasons. 

ikea minnen bed review

In this article, I will explain why we love the Ikea Minnen toddler bed so much and why you will too. We loved it so much, we have two!

Don’t worry though, to help you make the best decision, I will also be clear on the things about this toddler bed that I’m not the biggest fan of. 

What is the bed like (as per the Ikea website description)?

For a steel bed, it is surprisingly pretty. It also happens to have such a classic, versatile design that it would fit in with most types of home decor.

The Ikea website describes the bed as convenient, practical and timeless and that is exactly what it is.


These are the measurements of the Minnen toddler bed taken straight from the website:

Min. length: 135 cm

Max. length: 206 cm

Width: 85 cm

Footboard height: 72 cm

Headboard height: 92 cm

Free height under furniture: 23 cm

Max. load: 100 kg

Mattress length: 200 cm

Mattress width: 80 cm

ikea toddler bed review
Source: Canva

What we love about the Ikea Minnen toddler bed

I would certainly recommend the Minnen toddler bed if you are looking for a toddler bed. Here is why:

Easy to set up. It took about 45 minutes for my husband to single-handedly set it up. If you have an extra pair of hands, imagine how much more quickly you can get it done. 

Easily extendable. It is not difficult to extend the bed frame when you are ready to do so or when you feel like your child is getting too tall for it.

Affordable. Take a look online at any toddler beds of even average quality and you will quickly find that the Minnen bed is the one of the most affordable and of better quality than most that you will see.

Great transition bed. As you can start from the smallest length before extending as your toddler grows, it is still nice and cozy for your toddler. Moving from a crib to this bed allows them to feel like they are making a progression that is not too scary.

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Low and safe. This is probably one of the most aspects of this Ikea Minnen bed review for you. Be assured that your toddler is nice and safe on this bed because it is nice and low. Even if they were to fall out, they do not have very far to fall at all. 

Timeless design. As mentioned above, it is a classic design that will stand the test of time.

ikea toddler bed review
Source: Canva

What do we dislike about the minnen?

I promised to be real with you. It is not entirely perfect as a toddler bed. However, neither of the things that I see as drawbacks as structural issues.

Fitting bedding is hard to find. The day we bought the bed the first time, we picked up bedding that we later found we could really only find at Ikea because we cannot seem to find any that fit perfectly anywhere else.

Be sure to pick up more than one set of bedding for your Minnen bed when making your purchase.

Mattress purchase requires some caution. Our first time buying this bed, we got the VIMSIG foam mattress. I’m sure it is perfectly fine for a toddler’s little body. However, if you are like us and sometimes have to cuddle with your toddler overnight to get them to stay in their bed, you might quickly find that your back is not happy about it! 

Get the INNERLIG sprung mattress instead if you can as it is more comfortable and kinder to a bigger (adult) body.

Does Minnen bed come with slats?

Yes. The slats are included in the price even though they are separately packaged.

If you found this article helpful in making a decision about the Ikea Minnen bed, pin it for later by using the image below.

ikea minnen bed review
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4 thoughts on “An Ikea Minnen Bed Review: the Most Practical Toddler Bed”

  1. Interesting read! It can be difficult to find the perfect furniture for your little. Thanks for talking about what you like and dislike about the bed!

  2. Souds like a pretty nice bed! I know my sister is looking for a toddler bed I may need to call her up and show her this minnen toddler bed. From your review it really doesn’t seem that bad of a bed for toddlers but I’m sooo glad you mentioned the mattress part. It’s important to get the right mattress for any toddler bed.

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