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103 Masculine Boy Names for Your Strong Young Man

masculine boy names

Choosing the perfect name for your newborn baby boy will take time and proper consideration but it will be fun too! It’s one of the biggest and most defining decisions that you have to make as a new parent. It depends on your needs too. Are you searching for a boy name which honors a cultural tradition or represents a family tradition? Or are you considering some completely unique masculine boy names? There are many different approaches. I believe when you find it, you will simply know it.


The word boy means young man or male child and therefore their name should represent bravery and dynamism. These are attributes which are commonly associated with the male gender. Do not worry. You do not have to do this difficult job of searching names for your baby boy all by yourself – you’ll get some help here!

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Gone are the days of endlessly racking your brains only to end up with a common name for your precious child. This list of names will help you to pick one to christen your baby boy. It is often seen that a name is much more than just a sound or a label. It is what will define your child and will forever stay with him. Make sure you choose the best one!

These masculine boy names will reflect various aspects of the gender – be it honour, maturity, or strength, these names will speak volumes of male charm and are loved by one and all. A good pick will always help in shaping your child’s personality and will allow him to be more confident and loved in life. I have have looked around and created this list of masculine boy names, which range from common to unique. These names will help you make your pick.

masculine boy names
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It may be tough to choose just one. Each of them is unique and will be a perfect fit.

Take a thorough look and narrow down your list with names that appeal to you the most. Enjoy the experience of choosing the most suitable masculine name for your baby boy!

What are you waiting for? Let’s go!

103 Boy names with a masculine feel to them

Name        Meaning
AbramHigh Father
AdamHerbrew origin – of the earth
AidenIrish – little fire
AkinsBrave Boy
AlecVariation of Alexander –  defender of men
AndersStrong or manly
AndreSpanish version of Andrew – manly
AndreasGreek origin-Manly
AndrewGreek origin- Manly and powerful
AnthonyLatin origin- Priceless one
ApolloGreek origin- Destroyer
ArcherArcher or bowman
AxelFather in peace
AzaiHebrew- Strength
BaronHebrew-young warrior
BarrettBear strength
BeauFrench- Handsome or beautiful
BryceCeltic origin-Strength
CalebHebrew-Bold or brave
CarloSpanish- Free man
ConnorLover of wolves
ConradGerman- Brave Counsel
DamonGreek- one who tames
DavidHebrew- Beloved
EnzoItalian- Winner
EricScandinavian- Everlasting Ruler
EthanHebrew- Strong or safe
EverettEnglish- Brave or Strong
FergusonScottish-Highest choice
FinleyScottish-Hero or Fair Warrior
FranklinFree man
FrederickGerman-Peaceful Ruler
GabrielHebrew-God is my strength
GodricPower of God
GrantGreat or Large
GriffinStrong Lord
HarveyFrench-Battle Warrior
IgorRussian origin-Warrior
JabbarArabic- Mighty
JaxEnglish-God has shown favour
JosephHebrew-God will increase
KaneWarrior or Tribute
KendrickBold Ruler
KenzoJapanese- Wise One
LeonardGerman- Brave Lion
LeonardoItalian-Brave Lion
MatteoItalian-Gift of God
MatthewHebrew- Gift of God
MaverickIndependent One
MichaelHebrew- God like
OrionGreat Hunter or Son of Fire
OttoGerman- Wealth
OwenYoung or Noble Warrior, Well-born
OzHebrew- Strength or Courage
RicardoSpanish-Brave Ruler
RichardGerman-Brave Ruler
RichmondKing’s protector
RowanIrish-Red-haired or Red
SamuelHebrew- Name of God
SterlingPure or High Quality
TitusTitle of honor
TrentLatin- Dweller by the river
UlricWolf Ruler
ValentinoItalian-Brave or Strong
WalterGerman-Commander of the Army
WilderGerman- Hunter
WilliamGerman-Willing Protector
WyattBrave in War
XanderGreek-Protector of men
ZacharyHebrew-God remembers
ZekeGod strengthen
Masculine names for boys

This list will enable you to visualise the image you want to portray when your kid’s name is called out. With modern creativity at its peak, the list of phenomenal masculine boy names is never-ending.  I have many personal favorites in this list.

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Make sure you carefully look at each of the above names and shortlist. Discuss which name will belong to your precious baby boy. All parents are unique and so is their child. Make sure you give your baby the best gift to start his life with.

Courage, valour and strength are qualities that most parents today want their child to possess. A name which means any of those is a great start to give them a push. This list of names will give you the inspiration you need to choose a strong name for your son!

Hopefully, this list will give you some ideas. Which one is your favourite from the list?

masculine boy names
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