Memorial Day baby shower – 6 Ideas for the perfect party

Memorial Day baby shower – 6 Ideas for the perfect party

Planning to throw a baby shower for yourself or one of your girls around memorial day? You can do it. You can include red and blue baby shower theme touches that will make for a memorable day. It doesn’t have to difficult or break the bank! Here are some elements to put in that will create the perfect Memorial day themed baby shower. Click through the links for recipes and guides.

  1. Patriotic Cake Mix cookie bars
memorial day cookie mix
Photo via Two Kids & A Coupon

2. Red, White & Blue cookies

Photo via Sustain my Cooking Habit

3. Patriotic Cake in a Jar

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4. Whoopie Pies

memorial day whoopie pies
Photo via Baking Beauty

5. Non-alcoholic cocktails

To make sure the guest honour does not feel left out with everyone drinking around her.

memorial day non-alcoholic cocktail
Photo via Baking Beauty

6. Lanterns

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