Blogmas day 11: Stop your spouse snoring?

We’re snorers.

My husband and I.

He never used to be. He used to have the gentlest once-in-a-blue-moon snore. I wouldn’t even call it a snore really.

Shortly after Baby E was born and he was doing bi-weekly weekend trips home from Germany, he started to snore. Now these are proper snores. Real, guttural, hopelessly tired kind of snores.

I’ve been a snorer since university. I think. At least it wasn’t till university that I started to wake myself up with my own snoring!

I know what you’re thinking. We’re made for each other. Perhaps so. For many other reasons but not quite for this one because you see, he’s never woken up by my snoring. Actually, he’s never woken up by anything. Lately, Baby E kicking him in the face while she sleeps in our bed might occasionally wake him but generally, he’ll sleep just fine through a hurricane.

I, on the other hand, am woken up by the slightest noises. Maybe it’s because my mummy senses are alert to any movements and sounds but I’ve never been the deepest of sleepers anyway. Last night, I found myself awake and going from furiously asking Dr. Google how to stop your spouse/partner from snoring to feeling like a horrible wife for being annoyed at my husband for doing something he can’t control. I mean…it must be purely out of exhaustion. It’s certainly not because of any weight gain.

Fitbit will tell me just how little sleep I did get. Not that I trust that thing. In my earlier months of breastfeeding around the clock, the thing claimed I was getting quality sleep. Absolutely impossible as I was not sleeping at all. Always best to go by how you feel.

So anyway, I plan to sleep with Baby E when she goes down for a nap this morning. At least, I’ll get in one extra hour of sleep.

So much for recovery mode...

Any snore prevention tips would be much appreciated!

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  1. Dawn

    My dad literally had a deviated septum and had to have surgery for it… his snoring was THAT bad! I’m pretty sure he still snores (just not as bad) and he uses those adhesive strips that supposedly open up the nasal passages… Good luck!!

    1. Kin Unplugged

      The only thing I’ve tried is those retainer type things that are supposed to keep your throat open. They didn’t work. I’d try the nasal strips too. I’ll try any number of non surgical options!

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