5 times that This Is Us mirrors your family dynamics

1. Episode R&B

The one about compromising on dreams for the sake of the family. Also about taking your partner for granted for far too long. And then about having a fight that feels like the mother of all fights. A fight you might not be able to come back from.

2. Episode Super Bowl Sunday

This is where we learn how Jack died. Where the core family all seem to survive a traumatic and life-changing event only to be met with yet another life-changing event immediately after. Rebecca has to explain to the children that their father is gone and their lives will be different forever.

3. Episode Moonshadow

After Rebecca throws Jack out of the house following a big fight between them, he tells her how she’s the love of his life. It showcased just how complicated love and marriage is.  This awesome marriage and love story was as imperfect as any other.

4. Episode The Big Day

A heavily pregnant Rebecca treats Jack a bit unfairly on his birthday. She thinks about how good he is and how great of a daddy he’ll be. She worries about not being the perfect mommy and talks to her babies about how much she loves them even though she hasn’t met them yet.

5. Episode What Now?

Beth mourns William and is upset that she didn’t officially get to say goodbye to him. She became closer to her father-in-law than her husband realized and, while supporting him in his grief, she had to figure out her own way to grieve for William.

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What’s your favourite episode of This Is Us so far? Which episode reminded you most of your own family?

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2 replies on “5 times that This Is Us mirrors your family dynamics”

Tamara Glennonsays:

I can’t pick one episode. I love them all so much.

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