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I love YouTube and would rather watch videos than TV any day. I do watch more YouTube than telly, save for the news! It wouldn’t surprise you then that a lot of my mum-related research has led me to YouTube videos. As I’ve said before, I had lots of time on my hands during pregnancy to do research into a variety of mum and baby topics. I was already subscribed to many mums but I found a ton more. A TON! I won’t bore you with all of them though. These are my top five:

  • Hannah Maggs – Hannah’s family channel – The Michalaks – is how I discovered her. Their editing is a thing of beauty. If you’ve got an appreciation for excellently done editing and some down-to-earth, honest talk about parenting, occasional politics and friendships to name a few topics, then their channel is for you. Her own channel is more of a parenting and beauty one. It’s nice to see a “real” UK mom on YouTube. There are a lot of course but Hannah’s definitely one of them. Unless you consider being a YouTuber unreal 😀
  • ItsJudyslife – I’ve been watching Judy since before the birth of her first daughter! That’s almost ten years ago! It’s been incredible to watch her family grow with the twins. I admire them for keeping up with their daily vlogs for so long. That’s dedication. They deserve everything they’ve achieved for their hard work. I got to loving their channel years ago not only because of her daily pregnancy updates that were intriguing to me back then but also because of her great husband who pays attention to healthy eating and makes some pretty awesome smoothies!
  • Latoyaslife – This Toronto turned Atlanta vlogger has changed her content quite a bit from when I first found her channel online. It used to be rather drama-filled but now shows a fairly calm and currently pregnant LaToya with her large extended family featuring occasionally. She has a large but very tightly knit extended family who are always a joy to see and her own growing family are simply adorable. Start from her very first vlog where she found out she was preggers with her first, Samia.
  • TheEllises – Khadeen Ellis has such a beautiful family. As the only female, she does an awesome job of making juggling her marriage and three little boys look so easy! She also does a good job of making it clear that she’s not perfect, which is always refreshing in these inauthentic social media times. Herself and her husband Devale also have a podcast where they speak about various life related issues – check it out. They’re always funny to watch and listen to. One word I’d always use for them is “relatable”.
  • SisiYemmieTV – She’s the definition of down-to-earth. I love how clear and honest she is about everything. Sisi Yemmie is currently a mum of two, one of them a new baby, based in Nigeria. As a West African mum, I wish there were women like her on the Tube. West African women who show you what’s really going on in their daily lives without any airs or an unnecessary and often false appearance of opulence. If you’d like to get a glimpse of Lagos and a nice, normal family in Nigeria, you’ll enjoy her channel. She is a fantastic chef too and you can find some good recipes on her channel.

If you look any of them up for the first time and enjoy them, let me know below and I’ll share some more 🙂 Who are some of your favourite YouTube mums?
Sisi Yemmie – YouTube

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