4 Baby Items to Buy Second Hand

Part of the fun of welcoming a new baby to your family is buying all the adorable clothes, fun toys, and nursery gear they need. To prevent waste and keep your budget low, you can buy some items second hand instead of brand new. When you know what is safe and what you should never buy used, you can make smart choices and save money at the same time.

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Second hand Baby Clothes

Tiny tots outgrow clothing very quickly. Why spend money on brand-new outfits when you can get high-quality baby clothes for a fraction of the price? Used clothing from thrift or consignment shops give you a wide range of options that satisfy your shopping bug and outfitting your son or daughter in adorable options. This also goes for shoes, coats and snow suits, and accessories. Feel free to buy second hand baby blankets and cloth diapers as well.

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Nursery Furniture (Except the Crib)

As long as the changing table, rocking chair, and dressers are clean and stable, buying second hand baby furniture makes sense. This is especially true if you opt for designs that suit a nursery and could not be upgraded to child or adult furniture in the future. Always opt for a new crib to ensure safety and strength as a baby will use it most frequently.

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Used Highchairs, Swings, and Bouncy Seats

Always follow the important rule of checking each item for safety and condition. Highchairs, swings, rockers, bouncy seats, plastic baby baths, and similar occasional use items are perfect choices for your secondhand shopping spree. Many of these items are used for a relatively short time and do not get worn out after one baby enjoys them. Opt for later models with higher safety ratings. Double check every strap, tray, and attachment. Clean everything thoroughly before use.


Buy Second hand Baby Toys

Many families have a tradition of passing down baby and small child toys from one generation to the next. This is perfectly safe in most instances. So is purchasing second hand toys from a consignment shop or community market. To do so safely, always check for recalls before making a purchase. Do not buy second hand toys with worn paint, loose parts, small pieces, or any made before a certain date that may contain lead in the paint or unhealthy types of plastic. Also, brand-new bath toys help minimize the chance of passing along mold spores. Also opt for new dolls and other cloth toys to ensure maximum cleanliness and safety.

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Baby Items You Should Never Buy Used

Shopping for secondhand infant and toddler gear is fun and budget friendly. However, there are some items you must buy new to ensure the safety and well-being of your baby. As mentioned above, always opt for brand-new cribs. Also, only use new car seats, strollers, and play yards, unless the second hand one is less than three years old. Anything that is used more intimately such as a breast pump, infant thermometer, or hygiene equipment should be purchased new.

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Once my kids were older, I gave most of their items away to friends and family who were in the baby mode. It saved them tonnes and helped me declutter hasslefree.

Totally agree! I had several friends that we exchanged baby clothes as needed and I often used consignment shops!

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