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7 Ways to tackle baby sleep crying

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All parents want a happy baby. We want a baby who is happy at ALL times. I’d say it’s next to impossible but there are probably some parents out there who’ve had such an experience with their babies. For the majority of parents though, babies and crying go hand-in-hand and it will happen at some point in the day each day. Why would a baby be crying in their sleep though?

This is a question that many parents have asked themselves. Let’s keep in mind that a baby’s main form of communication is crying because they can’t speak. They may cry to communicate any variety of things. As with lots of things to do with our babies, there’s lots of theorizing done about why a baby might be crying in their sleep. Crying in their sleep but not awake. When you figure out why your baby might be sleep crying, you can do something about it!

Here are 7 possible reasons why babies cry in their sleep

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Their brains are still processing the day’s activities

Everyday is a chance to discover something new and they may need time to process their exciting adventures. Their waking time may not be enough for that. Much like adults who go to sleep and dream about things that happened during the day, babies may spend a part of their sleep dreaming about the day’s activities. Like they did when they were awake and making discoveries, they may cry while thinking about their busy day.

Developmental changes

Growth spurts and other forms of developmental physiological changes may be felt in sleep, causing them to cry.


Just like adults, babies have nightmares. A baby’s only way of expressing themselves, as previously mentioned, will be to cry.


Despite – or even due to – being completely exhausted, they may be struggling to sleep as deeply as they would like to.

sleeping baby
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Separation anxiety

When your baby falls asleep on you or very close to you, they may stir and cry in their sleep if they realize that they’re no longer in that safe place they fell asleep in.

Extreme temperatures

A baby who is either too hot or too cold may cry in their sleep purely from discomfort. A room thermometer – and preferably even a thermostat in the home – will help to make sure that you’re keeping the baby’s room at a comfortable temperature.

A wet diaper causing discomfort

Ideally, you don’t want to try changing a sleeping baby for fear of waking them! However, if it’s possible that the diapers you’re using for them are not absorbent enough and have either seeped through or are making them uncomfortable because they have a wet feel to them, you need to change the kinds of diapers you use. Some diapers are specifically labelled as suitable for night time use, which means that they’ll be highly absorbent and there’ll be less chance of your baby experiencing discomfort overnight. There are lots of options to try. From The Honest Co. to Huggies Dry Nights.

Like with all things baby, it’s a matter of trial and error. Hopefully though, this will be trial and success for you! Don’t be discouraged if you try a few things and they don’t work. Babies get over things so quickly and baby sleep crying is no exception. It will be over sooner than you know!

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6 thoughts on “7 Ways to tackle baby sleep crying”

  1. Taylor

    Sending to this my aunt, who just had a baby!

    1. Kin Unplugged

      I hope she finds it useful!

  2. What a great post. I didn’t think of all these reasons as to why your baby could be crying in their sleep. I think I am lucky as I believe my boy cries in his sleep due to being uncomfortable as it normally coincides with a good wriggle.
    Thank you for sharing. X

    1. Kin Unplugged

      Ahh I see, so you think he may be crying as he settles himself into a more comfy position!

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