13 Characteristics of a Family Man

Women dream about the man to build a close family. But who is he – this family man? Let’s talk about the signs of a family-oriented man.

Women dream about the man to build a close family. But who is he? A family man? In this article, we will talk about the characteristics of a family-oriented man and describe those whom single girls dream about.

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Who is a family man?

Speaking of a family man, many ladies confuse him with a perfect prince on a white horse from girlish dreams. Having read the best dating sites review, they imagine this fabulous prince is handsome, rich, and confident. Sounds familiar? And in real life, most often it turns out that it must be not only a prince from dreams, but also a normal family man in order to create a close family and become happy. There are a lot of them, you just have to look closely!

But who is he? What signs help you determine the “normal” – mature, ready for a close family relationship, balanced? In most cases, before meeting a normal man, a woman communicates with “not the one” for many years – she seems to pay the karmic debt in advance and work out future happiness.

Ladies tend to consider this enumeration of unsuitable men a kind of training, as a result of which they develop effective tactics of behavior with unworthy candidates. Having run from those who are not suitable, a woman will find characteristics that distinguish a family-oriented man. Stay with us to learn all the details – here are the most common of them.

Features of a family man

1. Ability to love

A romantic who can maintain feelings for a very long time, up to old age, the caring spouse who protects his woman and take care of her peace – it is a reliable guy who knows how to express close family love and therefore facilitate family bonding. He does not run from strong feelings but can accept heart affection.

2. Victory over his fears

No one says that a family man is fearless and reckless. People may not like doctors, be afraid to fail in bed, and be afraid of poverty or car accidents. A normal man will not wait until his physical condition requires an emergency call. A sign of a real man – he takes responsibility for his life, knows how to define close family, solves his problems on his own, and does not look for the person to blame for his failures.

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3. Knowledge of physiological differences

This is not about those who neglect personal hygiene, believing that the smell of male sweat is an aphrodisiac for women. A normal man understands that women (including his beloved) have periods, and the baby can burp after feeding. It is the non-squeamish man who will become a close family member, a good husband, and a good lover because he is sympathetic to the characteristics of the female body.

4. Understanding the differences between men and women

The feature is similar to the previous one – family men know that women are more emotional, often more complex, less predictable. Based on this knowledge, guys do not try to remake their girlfriends; do not demand impossible things.

5. He asks what you want, and does not try to guess

There is such a misconception that with the feelings between loving people, there appears an almost mystical spiritual connection. Thanks to it they know about each other’s desires and thoughts. This, of course, is a wonderful romantic theory, but, unfortunately, it is not true. Cases of such unity are uncommon. Therefore, a sign of a family man – he will ask what his woman would like. He can ask a specific question, asks to tell in details. A worthy man will not choose gifts at random, and then get upset and repent in the wrong guesses. A normal man needs specially formulated “tasks” that he will readily complete.

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6. Keeping Promises

A sign inherent in a family-oriented man is the fulfillment of his promises. He always keeps his word. In those issues that depend on the man, he makes a decision and sticks to it. 

7. Reasonable savings 

A family man will abstain from useless spending and keep his loved ones from them. He does not hope to hit the big jackpot in the casino or the lottery and does not participate in gambling, realizing that such leisure will more likely undermine the nervous system than making the players rich.

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8. Opponents of quarrels, scandals 

Balanced men do not tolerate the noise of scandals near them. If they became participants in a fight, especially close family vs extended family, they would try to resolve the situation so that the scandal ceases. 

9. Truthfulness even in small things

A sign of a family man is honesty. He will not lie about his marital status, or the size of his salary, nor the time he leaves work. Reliable men believe that it’s easier, to tell the truth – then you don’t have to explain the lie later, remember where and what has been lied. 

10. Ability to apologize

A man who can admit his own mistakes, who knows how to apologize, who is not afraid to put up first, is often considered family-oriented. Another sign is the ability not to repeat his mistakes, he repents and changes his behavior, without giving new reasons for resentment.

11. He does not speak so much as he listens

An emotionally balanced person understands that it is important to listen to a woman; this is no less significant than to show her your feelings. In cases where a loved one wants to say something, a worthy person will find strength in himself and, without being distracted, will listen. But a reliable man himself will not talk in vain. What he said will be preliminarily carefully considered. 

12. He can voice his fears and doubts

Unconscious and unspoken fears can cause conflicts and undermine the confidence of the couple. This is not about fear of spiders or snakes, but about psychological problems. Many men are afraid that a woman will leave them or that he cannot give her something important. There is a fear that the husband will hurt his wife by some actions. One of the signs of a family man is the ability to fight his fears. Even though talking about what you are always afraid of is not easy – a worthy person does this so that lovers trust each other more and deepen close family ties.

13. He stays next to you, despite the inconvenience

A truly family person will not begin to lament that your apartment is not big enough or, for example, curse that the bathroom is full of jars and bottles that are incomprehensible to him. A sign of a normal man, one with whom it is possible to build a close family, is the absence of claims. He does not just coexist with you but enjoys your presence without making you any demands. A worthy man accepts the surrounding reality as it is, can control his emotions, does not look for the guilty, and does not break down on loved ones. This is what close family is.

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It’s no secret that in recent years the number of divorces is just going wild! People file for divorce, barely having got married. The initiators of divorce proceedings in the vast majority of cases are women. Moreover, they are much more likely than men to enter into official marriages. So why then women so quickly destroy their families, which barely have managed to create?

The reason is always the same – women are not satisfied with the quality of the men with whom they have to live. Drinkers, infantile, low-income, and irresponsible are not reliable companions of life on which a woman and her children can rely on every sense. Such men often become a burden for women, making life easier for them, but on the contrary, only complicating it.

A sign of a family man is the ability to recognize that the world is welcoming. We hope that this article helps you with the main points in finding a family-oriented man.

Please share your opinion with us in the comments below. How close is your family? Do you agree with our statements? 

Author’s bio:  

Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking. 

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This is such a great list! ommunication is always key in a relationship! I love #5!

We have a very close family on both side luckily, and see each other often. My husband grew up very close to his aunts/uncles, cousins, and grandparents

This is a list of great qualities and attributes for great family men AND women!

This is an awesome list, I think it encompasses a lot of the characteristics of a family man.

Ability to apologize is vital for sure for both men and women. Keeping a heart toward reconciliation helps our relationships.

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