4 Common Postpartum Emotions that no one discusses prepartum

The range of emotions after giving birth can be overwhelming. Postpartum emotions are especially overwhelming when you’re a first time mom and not expecting them. Is it normal to cry a lot after having a baby? Yes. You’re a ball of postpartum feelings thanks to those pregnancy hormones that are yet to settle down.

Your raging hormones will make your postpartum emotions quite different from your prepartum ones you. You could find yourself wondering why you are starting to feel the way you are. Unless you’re already aware of the possibility of feeling these things.

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How long those postpartum emotions last depends on different things. Baby blues are one thing. Baby blues may be defined as “a feeling of sadness or moodiness that many women experience after giving birth. They typically last two weeks”. However, it is not this quick for everyone. The postpartum emotions or feelings that I’m going to mention below may be felt individually or altogether.

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It’s not surprising if you feel all these emotions at the same time and to a different extent each day. Having said that, I’d like to say that without being a medical professional, I’d recommend that if these feelings continue for a long period and start to affect you being able to function daily, perhaps you should investigate whether they’re more than just baby blues. You may need to seek professional support to discuss postpartum depression signs and deal with those emotions.

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4 Postpartum Feelings that you might not discuss prepartum

A feeling of unhappiness after baby is not entirely unusual. It can be difficult for moms to explain how or why they are unhappy. If you think hard enough about it, you might be able to distinguish your postpartum feelings as being ones of irritation or helplessness, for example.

1. Emptiness

You carry a human around inside you for ten months and then suddenly, there’s nothing there anymore. Feeling empty after giving birth is not unusual. It can take some getting used to. You can feel an actual hollow inside but there’s also the knowledge that you’re no longer able to be keep your baby nice and protected in the same way.

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2. Detachment

Postpartum blues can manifest itself in the form of detachment. Feeling detached from your baby is not unusual for the first week or so. You’ve known them in a certain way inside your belly and now you have to get to know this new version of them. It can feel like getting to know a total stranger. An immediate bond is not the case for every mom.

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3. Irritation

A general feeling of annoyance may come with your postpartum blues. Annoyance with your spouse, your relatives, or your friends. Whether all these people are being helpful or not.

4. Helplessness

It hits you that this little life is yours to protect. You feel like it’s solely your responsibility to keep this tiny human alive. That’s a heavy task and it can leave you feeling helpless.

postpartum emotions
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It’s good for first time moms to be aware of the possibility of encountering these emotions after giving birth. Even if you have not felt any of these things before, you could very easily experience them postpartum.

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Go easy on yourself. Educate yourself on postpartum emotions that other moms go through just so that you know. However, don’t assume that you’ll experience the same. Check in with yourself mentally as often as you can postpartum. It’s not only your physical well-being that is important when you’re a new mom. It’s also important to make sure you’re settled mentally. That’s why it’s important to keep tabs on your emotions after giving birth.

Did you experience any of these postpartum emotions? Do you think you went through the baby blues?

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I am here for this conversation! So important. I remember the irritability with everyone and everything really catching me off guard. Thanks for talking about this important topic!

Love when women openly talk about this! Post Partum is hard to deal with!

Yes yes yes. These are so true. I felt them when I had my baby. It was really confusing because I was so excited when i was pregnant, and during the preparation etc. And then Boom! Post-Partum hit.

Thanks for the post. Being 38 weeks pregnant now it was a good reminder to be kind and patient with myself in this time ahead 🙂

Kin Unpluggedsays:

Absolutely. All the best!

Ah this! Nailed it! Nobody tells you these things when you’re pregnant with your first. This will help a lot of women. Thanks for sharing!

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