Grandparents Day

grandparents day

I did not spend as much time with either of my grandmothers as my siblings did. I’m sure that’s why thinking of Grandparents Day makes me consider my parents’ relationships with my nieces and nephews and my own daughter rather than my personal relationship with my grandparents.

I remember seeing my father for the first time in almost in six years and being struck by just how much he’d aged. He didn’t have near as many grey hairs as his friends but he finally had a few. He didn’t have a single one the last time I’d seen him.

It’s a different story with my mum. She’s had grey hairs at least since I was in my late teens. If not earlier. I’d also seen her quite often. At least biannually since I left university. And yet, somehow, I kept noticing things little things like how much slower and more deliberate her movements have become.

Watching her with them selfishly prompts me to pray that I get to have this much time with my daughter and her child(ren).

It also makes me hope that I’ve made my mum proud in some way.

I pray she gets to see her great grandchildren like her grandmother did.

I’d love for her to enjoy a completely cushy life from now on.

She’s dedicated so much of herself to her children and grandchildren. What could we possibly do for her to match all the time and physical energy she’s spent on us all? She shouldn’t have to struggle in any way anymore because her children should be able to provide everything she needs. Unfortunately, it’s not like that. Yet. There’s lots of time left for that to happen though.

Isaiah 46:4 
And I will still be carrying you when you are old. Your hair will turn gray, and I will still carry you. I made you, and I will carry you to safety.

While some other couples have each other in their old age, my mum’s on her own in that way so I always pray she’s not lonely even though she’s alone. She’s always been the definition of independent but age can make it harder to be quite so self-sufficient.

She lives at least 6 hours away from me  I find myself wishing there was a way for my daughter to see her often. This woman who’s cared so much for her since she was born. She’s so far away that I also wish there was a way for me to be able to more easily keep an eye on her as she gets on in age.

grandparents day
Photo by Luis Machado on Unsplash

It can be beautiful to watch

Watching your parents become something different from what you’ve always known growing up can be tough. You could, on the other hand, make yourself think of it as watching them grow even wiser and there’s great beauty in that. My daughter will never know my mum the way I knew her and that’s interesting to me. Much like I never saw my maternal grandmother in the way my mum got to see her.

Job 12:12 
Wisdom belongs to the aged, and understanding to the old.

More than anything else, I feel blessed beyond measure to have my mum and watch her be grandmother first to my nephew and niece and then now also to my daughter.

What thoughts has Grandparents Day brought up for you?

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  1. T

    Sweet article

  2. Melanie

    Grandparent appreciation is sooo important!

  3. Darcy

    My grandparents were the best grandparents on earth. They are both gone now. My father died a year ago and my children barely knew him ( he was an alcoholic). My mom isn’t a super loving person. She loves us but is t soft and warm if u know what I mean. I wish my kids had grandparents like I did. Their love is so much of who I am

    1. Kin Unplugged

      Yeah I love how our parents and grandparents show us different kinds of love but we can clearly recognise it all as love

  4. Krystin

    This is beautiful! Both my husband and I had amazing grandmothers who passed away when we were in high school. They never got to meet our children – and I know they both would have loved them! We take hope in the fact that our kiddos are growing up with younger, healthy grandparents who cherish them.

  5. Starr Session

    As an expat living in Budapest, I wish that we had a grandparent that lived on the same continent. But there love and bond with my little are so strong that they provide support in other ways.

    1. Maz

      Grandparenting is such a precious role.
      All about making memories.
      We have 25 grandchildren and four great grandchildren.
      Just wonderful.
      The only downside is not seeing them as much as I would like

      1. Kin Unplugged

        Wow you’re so blessed to be able to have met your great grandchildren as well

  6. Nicole

    This is so sweet! My grandparents are no longer with us but I treasure every memory of them and hope that one day I have littles that get to spend time with my parents ☺️

    1. Kin Unplugged

      I hope that happens for you! ❤️

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