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What does Family mean to you?

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It’s when you’re face-to-face with those who know you the best that you realize what kin means. Right now, people are spending more time with their family members than they’re used to doing. For some, it may feel like punishment but for others, it feels like quality time. You’ll probably agree that around the world, there’s an ongoing understanding of the true meaning of who are truly close to you.

In honour of International Day of Families (15 May), I asked a few people what family means to them.

family meaning silhouette
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The True meaning of Family

For Charlene, kin reflects the society:

Society is an amplified reflection of the individual family units inside of it. If we as families value integrity, honesty, and good work ethic, then so will the society we live in. If we as families tolerate or encourage lying, stealing, and violence, then we know all those things will be amplified in our government and society.

Hess Un-Academy

Nava says family is that group of people:

…who will always be in your life, that you can count on no matter what. You all know how to push each others’ buttons and sometimes that results in all out blow ups and melt downs but you also have each others backs always.

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Sandra says:

It feels my heart with so much joy and literally brings tears to my eyes knowing if I see my life as a supportive role to my family, they are able to strive and their opportunities will be endless.

Optimized Life

Allison defines family as

…the ones that will be there for you through thick and thin.

Proud Happy Mama
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How about you? What does family mean to you?

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7 thoughts on “What does Family mean to you?”

  1. Rachel Da silva

    Thank you for sharing this! Family is so important ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Being home with my family has been such a blessing. We lift each other up, support and love each other through everything. In such difficult times, I couldn’t ask for more โค

    1. Kin Unplugged

      It really does make you grateful for the people who care about you the most. Thanks for visiting, Gillian!

  3. Stacee

    Family to me means people you can rely on that support you and will always be there for you. Love this post!

  4. Great post!! Family is world to me. I know whatever happens there are few people on the earth who are always there for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Kin Unplugged

      Thank you and I love that – family = world.

  5. For me family isn’t about blood or genetics, it’s about connecting and loyalty. I worked as an au pair when I was 17, I haven’t seen my “family” in a long time. But they’re still my family. My friends from living abroad when I was 22 are family. We’ll always be there for each other, we’ll always pick up like it’s only been a week since we saw each other even if its 10 years. My husband thinks I’m weird, I just believe in fidelity of connections.

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