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The best private maternity hospital in London (UK)

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It would seem that in the UK (and probably in other countries where healthcare is “free”), people do not consider getting private maternity care unless they have previously had a traumatic birth experience. The best private maternity hospital for an expectant mother should therefore be able to offer her the assurance that she will not only have a smooth birth experience but also not go through any of the negative events of her own previous birth or that of someone she knows. 

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What are the top 5 private maternity hospitals in the UK

There are different ways to settle on the hospital that you will deliver your baby at if you decide to go private. You could choose based on the location of the hospital. You could also make your decision based on your preferred consultant. If you choose based on your consultant, you would be giving birth wherever they are based. 

Either way, if you are paying your hard earned money for care, you want the best that you can get. In the UK, you will generally hear the following hospitals’ names if you ask about the best private maternity care available. Notably, you are spoiled for choice if you are based in the London area. Not so if you are looking for private maternity hospitals or maternity hospitals with private healthcare options outside of the London area. 

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  1. Sir Stanley Claytom Ward (at Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital)
  2. The Kensington Wing (at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital)
  3. The Portland Hospital for Women and Children
  4. The Westminster Suite (at St. Thomas Hospital)
  5. The Lindo Wing (at St. Mary’s Hospital)

In this article, we will look at the one private maternity hospital that I have personal knowledge of as a patient: The Portland Hospital.

What you will love about giving birth at the Portland hospital

Initially, I did not have any real expectations of the Portland Hospital. I ended up there because my consultant of choice had the majority of his appointments there. However, once I knew I would be giving birth there, I did a lot of research on what would be available to me during and after birth. I started to expect a lot. Honestly, from start to finish, my expectations were mostly met. 

I was very impressed. Particularly with the after care I was provided with. After care is something I received almost none of once I had given birth to my first child.

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Should you decide to go with the Portland Hospital for Women and children for your childbirth, you are highly likely to enjoy the following:

  • Continuity of care. I saw my chosen consultant obstetrician at each appointment. I also saw the same faces not just of the administrative staff but also of the midwifery team and specific midwives from the start of my maternity care to the day I gave birth. It was extremely reassuring to recognize the faces of the people providing you with this essential care. It was also great when they clearly remembered me and I was not having to repeat details about my care to new people every week.
  • Excellent consultant care. Better believe that if you are paying for your care, you should be getting the best available. Based on the research I did in choosing my consultant, I felt assured that I was getting the best possible care. In my case, I was having a C-Section and knew I wanted someone who had a lot of experience in that area and was also known for excellent aftercare. The consultant made it clear how dedicated he was to providing me with the best medical care possible. He made sure I could easily communicate with him by text and phone call and saw me regularly. I had even more time available to see him at antenatal appointments than I could use up. Everything was always explained to me in great detail. 
  • Great customer service. In general, all the staff in the hospital are always ready to help and quite friendly. They do not make you feel like any question is silly and they try to anticipate your needs and meet them. 

If I had any criticism about my experience there, it would be that despite noting breastfeeding support as one of their services, it seemed that each of the two staff I asked some breastfeeding help from were taking a stab at what they thought I needed to hear. Rather than what they knew for sure. It was a temporary night shift midwife who provided me with the best breastfeeding support during my stay there. 

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How much does it cost to have a baby at the Portland hospital?

The Portland hospital prices are most likely just what you would expect. Your total bill will depend on whether you want a consultant or midwife-led delivery. It will also depend on whether any situations crop up along the way that mean that you have unexpected costs that add to your bill. For example, if you have to stay in hospital an extra night or two due to unfortunate circumstances, you will of course have to pay more than you had initially planned. It will also be different depending on whether you are having a scheduled Caesarean, a vaginal birth, or end up having an emergency Caesarean. 

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If you are fortunate enough to be covered by insurance, again, the fee packages are different. Your most reliable source of information would be to directly contact the hospital for their fee package based on your specific situation.

Bear in mind that you are paying anaesthetist fees, consultant fees and pediatrician fees, all of which are not included in the hospital’s charges.

To give birth at The Portland hospital, you are looking at anything from around £7000 to a minimum of around £12000 if you are self funded (2021 price scheme).

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The Portland hospital parking

Once you have your funds sorted and are planning for and looking forward to the special day, you might find that one of the things that comes to weigh on your mind a little is where to park. Be assured that it is not as difficult to find parking spaces as you would think despite the Portland’s central location. 

The hospital does not have dedicated patient parking. However, a Google search for parking lots in the area will reveal a lot of options, some of which you can reserve and pay for in advance if you are delivering at the Portland on a fixed day. 


Controversial as it may be to some to get private healthcare of any kind in the UK, if you choose to get private maternity healthcare, know that the Portland Hospital for Women and Children is an excellent option of private maternity hospital. Do your research and make sure all your specific wants and needs will be satisfied before making your final decision.

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