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Why you need to give yourself a break, mama

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Give yourself a break, mama. 

The people closest to you may not see you but someone, somewhere will. I do. You are loved, appreciated and very much seen. 

Give yourself a break. 

You do not have to prove your strength to anyone. You are strong enough to have come this far with all the physical, mental and emotional burdens you already bear. 

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Give yourself a break before you break down. 

You cannot be there for others if you’re not there at all. 

Give yourself a break, mama. 

That pile of laundry can wait. No one will die if you don’t get to it in the next ten minutes. Or tonight. Or even by tomorrow night. The world will not end. So one of the kids might not have matching pyjamas if you don’t. That’s alright. They won’t build up any childhood trauma from that. 

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Give yourself a break. 

It’s wonderful that you want to give your family the gift of freshly cooked meals every day or even just home cooked meals every week. It’s not a tragedy if they have some take out once in a while. It will not mean that you have failed as a mom. 

Stop yourself from doing the household chores and just sit and breathe. Take some time away from the mundane activities that make you feel like you are stuck in a rut or losing yourself. 

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Give yourself a break, mama. 

It’s alright if you don’t feel like playing with your toddler today. If you don’t want to read that story book to him for the tenth time in a row. Your toddler won’t remember that you said ‘no’ just this one time to playing a game when you were too tired or found it too boring. 

Give yourself a break. 

For not having the energy to be all things to all people at all times when you barely feel like you exist yourself. 

give yourself a break mama
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Give yourself a break, mama. 

You may not have had the chance to tidy up the kitchen tonight and do the dishes but maybe you managed to read your baby a story before they fell asleep. That matters more. 

Give yourself a break. 

Your baby may be ill but you’re the one doing the tough job of caretaking. No wonder you’re pooped. The stress of taking care of a sick child can make you sick too. If you feel stressed, give yourself a break. Take it as easy as you can on yourself. Don’t blame yourself if you find that you’re more tired than usual.

Give yourself a break, mama.

Your child is not doing as well at school as you know they could be doing. You’re blaming yourself but it is not anything you’re doing wrong. Get them as much help as you can. Spend as much time with them as you are humanly able to. Your child is an individual dealing with their own battles that they will most likely get through before you know it. 

sometimes you need to give yourself a break
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Give yourself a break.

Nothing is funny to you today. None of your husband’s jokes. None of your kid’s little antics. They’re just not doing it for you today. That’s okay. Don’t force it. You’re allowed to be in a mood sometimes.

You’re a superwoman but you’re also human.

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