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How to feel beautiful while pregnant

feel beautiful while pregnant

There is the glow that people say pregnant women get. It is real for some women. Not so much so for others. For some women, pregnancy can be an uncomfortable time. A time when you find it difficult to look beautiful. For some women, no matter how hard they try, they do not seem to be able to make themselves feel beautiful while pregnant.

To counter feeling unattractive during pregancy, you may want to change up your usual pre-pregnancy self-care routine. Find below some practical ways to feel beautiful while pregnant. 

feel beautiful while pregnant
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9 Ways to stop yourself feeling unattractive during pregnancy

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The most important thing, in my opinion, is that you feel beautiful because that will give you the motivation to make yourself look beautiful each day as well. 

Try any of the following to feel beautiful while pregnant. A combination of some of the following, if not all, will work a treat! However, even if you cannot be bothered with any of them at all, the first suggestion is necessary.

  1. Dress nicely everyday. Whether you plan to leave the house or not, make an effort with your clothing. If you do nothing else, look good to yourself in what you are wearing everyday. 

You do not have to dress like you are headed off to the club every day. However, you should look presentable enough that you would be happy to receive surprise visitors in whatever you are wearing.

  1. Make sure your clothes fit properly. Feeling undesirable while pregnant is likely to happen if you are wearing clothes that make you look bad. It is not enough to get dressed up. You cannot wear ill-fitting clothing. Ill-fitting includes both too tight and too loose clothing. 

If you find that you are no longer able to wear most of your pre-pregnancy clothing, it is time to invest in a few key pieces that fit properly and will last throughout your pregnancy. You may even need to invest in new shoes as feet can grow during pregnancy as well.

  1. Maintain good posture. The power stance before job interviews works for a reason. Good posture forces your mind to remain alert and believe it or not, gives you a sense of confidence in yourself. Pregnancy can be an exhausting time. When you are tired, it is easy to forget yourself and start to slump. 

It is quite natural for your shoulders to start to slump as that is where many people carry tension. Backache can also develop during pregnancy. That can affect your posture. Make a conscious effort to keep your back straight and should back.

  1. Stay active. Active does not necessarily mean that you should go mountain-climbing everyday. Although, if you are physically able to, that is amazing! Active can be as simple as an easy morning yoga daily routine. With the approval of your doctor, gentle exercise can help you to prevent you from feeling undesirable during pregnancy. This is because exercise gets your endorphins flowing. It helps to strengthen you and makes you feel refreshed. The added benefit is that when you feel that good, you also look that good. 

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  1. Treat yourself to a pamper day or weekend. This would be great to do with your partner or with a friend or two. It will feel just as good doing it on your own. You may even appreciate the alone time. 

If you can afford to, treat yourself to a day or two where you enjoy spa treatments such as prenatal massages or manicures. These treatments leave you feeling refreshed and may give you the pep in your step that you need.

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  1. Keep a pregnancy journal. This will help you to take stock of all the positive things about your pregnancy. In there somewhere, you will definitely find something that makes you feel beautiful. Take particular note of that thing and remind yourself of it every day. 

Your pregnancy journal also later becomes an incredible way to look back on this special time and even share the memories with your child when they are older.

  1. Laugh and smile. Look for the humour in things. Watch comedies. Smile even when you do not feel like it. Particularly when you are looking in the mirror at yourself, smile. There is nothing more beautiful than a bright, smiling face. 
  1. Focus on your baby. Talk to them. Visualize what they will look like and what life will be like with them. This takes the focus off yourself and all the changes you see that make you feel unattractive during pregnancy. It also allows you to enjoy your pregnancy more. 
  1. Think how incredible your body is. Seriously. Perhaps you have not thought about this from a scientific standpoint. Read up on exactly what your body is doing right now to grow a human being. It is amazing. 

Focusing on how amazing it is will not only make you feel grateful, it will also make you feel empowered. That sense of empowerment will contribute to making you feel beautiful while pregnant.

In conclusion…

Do  not worry if your pregnancy has not been all about thick, shiny hair and clear, dewy skin. You do not have to spend your entire pregnancy feeling undesirable. It is possible to feel beautiful while pregnant. 

feel beautiful while pregnant
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