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The Most Unique Names for baby Starting with M

names for baby starting with m

Whether you are looking for names for baby starting with M for a girl or just any English names starting with M, there are options here for you! There are a few M boy names in here that you never thought of. Depending on where you live, some of them will be very unique and interesting to you.

It’s important for you to know the meaning behind a name and where it comes from too. Give your child a name that they can be proud of when they’re older!

names for baby starting with m
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I can immediately think of some reasons why you might want a name that starts with M. Maybe both your name and your partner’s name starts with an M and you want to keep that going. Or maybe this is not your first child and your first child’s name begins with an L. Or an M too!

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Here are 35 of the most unique names for baby starting with M.

35 Names that start with M

Misabeautiful bloomJapanesefemale
Melissahoney beeGreecefemale
Mensahthird bornGhanamale
Minahelmet (from Wilhelmina)Persiafemale
Mayowabrings joyNigerianunisex
Mariethe sea, bitter, belovedIsraelfemale
Meganchild of the light, pearlWalesfemale
Maureenbitter, rebellionIsraelfemale
Martinof warCelticmale
Matthiasthe Lord’s giftIsraelmale
MichelleWho is like God?French, derived from the Hebrew Michaelfemale
MelvinGentle LordEnglishmale
Margaretpearlderived from French, Margueritefemale
Moriahland of myrrhHebrewfemale
Mirandaworthy of admirationLatinfemale
Munawish or desireArabicunisex
Malloryof bad omenFrenchunisex
Markgod of warLatinmale
Marinafrom the seaLatinfemale
Malinwoman of Magdela, high towerScandinavianfemale
MihailWho is like God?Hebrewmale
MargaritapearlLatin/Eastern Europeanfemale
Monikaunique, advisorScandinavian, Germanfemale
Miriamsea, bitterHebrewfemale
Marybitter, rebellionHebrewfemale
Magdawoman of MagdalaPolishfemale
Marcelbelonging to MarsRomanmale
names for baby starting with m
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So go ahead and pick one out! Or two. Remember that combining two of these names will make for an even more interesting and unique name for your baby girl or boy.

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