9 Ways You Know for sure You’re a Millennial Mom

Despite the dropping number of millennials having children, there are still over a million millennial women becoming mothers annually. Are you one of them?

Merriam-Webster defines a millennial as someone born in the 1980s or 1990s. Millennials are also classified as being born between 1981 and 1996. Other sources classify millennials as people born between 1980 and 1994. The millennial age range is right now therefore 24 to 39. We’re also called ‘Generation Y’.

How many of us millennials are there?

There are currently around 95 million of us millennials. In the U.S. alone, millennials made up the largest percentage of the population as of 2019 (see millennial statistics in chart below). Worldwide, there have been more millennials than baby boomers for over a quarter of century now.

How many millennials are parents?

As of 2016, 17.3 million of U.S. women giving birth for the first time were millennials. In the same year, 48% of millennial women were also mothers. Research has found that millennials care less about getting married and having children than baby boomers. The millennial culture appears to be one of securing their financial future first.

Perhaps that is why one of the positive words used to describe millennials is ‘responsible’. We try to make sure we’re not bringing children into an unstable environment. Other words used as millennials’ characteristics include curious and tenacious. All these characteristics are probably why despite the dropping number of millennials having children, there are still over a million millennial women becoming mothers annually. Are you one of them?

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If you are, you’ll identify with at least three of these.

How to tell that you’re a millennial mom

1. You do not have a traditional household set up

Phrases like stay-at-home-dad and house husband are not strange or entirely unconventional to you. Household chores are ideally equally shared. The traditional gender roles within the household that are not biologically fixed are fluid to you.

2. You have a very different lifestyle than your own mother did at your age

You have less time than your mother did at your age but you probably also have more to do than she did. You learn how to do more at once and within a shorter space of time. When your mom was your age, she had more children than you do. Your mother also had different priorities than you do.

millennial mom
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3. You own a blog

Yep, guilty as charged. I also have many mom blogger friends. There are millennial mom blogs and then there are blogs on any other topic by millennial moms. If you’re a millennial mom blog, you’ll agree it’s exactly the right kind of cathartic release that you need as a busy, tired mom.


4. You ask Dr. Google or Pinterest before you consult your pediatrician

Your baby has been crying in his sleep over the last few days and you’d like to know why. What do you do? Call up your pediatrician? Nope. You go to Google or, even better, Pinterest and type in ‘why is my baby crying in their sleep‘. You trust other moms’ experiences more than your pediatrician’s suggestions.

5. You found a cool way to reveal your baby’s gender before they were born

I first heard of Pinterest because I’d seen a video where a woman was planning a party where she was going to announce her baby’s gender. She said she was looking up gender reveal ideas on Pinterest. I didn’t know it was a thing back then and I also wasn’t sure it was necessary. I’m still not. I do know it looks like fun though!

millennial mom characteristics
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6. You thoroughly researched the cutest way to tell people you were pregnant

If you didn’t pee on a stick with your partner present, you looked up the cutest possible pregnancy announcement ideas. You probably packed up anything from a onesie to a sonogram photo to your pregnancy test strip and put it in a gift box for him.

7. You secured your baby’s email address and social media handles before they turned 1 year old

It hit you either the moment your baby was conceived or right after they were born that you need to secure their online identity before it was too late. You had to make sure they had the perfect Twitter and Instagram handles before someone else snatched them up.

signs of a millennial mom
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8. Your own social media status is about your child

Your daily experiences are bound to involve your child. You live a lot of your life online. It’s no surprise then that your status usually has something to do with your life as a mom.

9. The internet was your biggest influence in creating a parenting style for yourself

You’re on social media a lot. As mentioned above, you consult with Google for just about every question that pops into your mind. Of course, the internet would be the main source of inspiration for you. That inspiration stretches to your life as a mom and all the things parenting and family.

Are you a millennial mom? Do you fall into any of these categories?

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7 replies on “9 Ways You Know for sure You’re a Millennial Mom”

What a great list of millennial mom characteristics. I don’t fit into the millennial mom category but I definitely can relate to a lot of it.

Some of those things describe me perfectly.
I’m at the older end of the millennial spectrum 🙂

This was a very interesting read. I am part of Generation X, and can see some differences between Millennials and Generation X moms

I didn’t realize what Millenial was I guess! Thanks for all the statistics and info! I fit in most of these but I also fight the urge to follow the crowds. LOL!

A very interesting perspective! I am certainly a Millenial mom by age and I do often Google things my baby/child is doing or showing sings up, to make sure I’m not the only one who has been there. There is something comforting about Google finishing your sentence for you and seeing all of the results pop up. I did not however, create social accounts for my children, part of me wonders if they’ll even be a “thing” when they’re old enough to use them. Maybe some new craze will take over by then!

I just barely made the cut as a Millennial mom! LOL I can relate to a lot of these, but some of these things (like gender reveals) didn’t show up until I was past that point. 🙂

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