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How To Be a Successful Single Mother: Rules and Strategies

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The stigma of being a single mother has shifted as single parents become more common, especially with the high divorce rate in many countries. While it used to be a point of shame, now single parents are championed and thriving. Here’s why.

For whatever reason, you are now a single mother and have no clue how you will make it from day to day. Sounds scary? For many people, it is absolutely terrifying. Not only are they concerned about how to survive alone, but then taking care of another smaller human is also added to the equation. Work, friends, obligations, all of them are now cast in a different regard of importance.

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Have you noticed that more and more single parents, especially single mothers, have taken life by the horns and are not only killing it in life and parenthood, but also thriving in their business lives? That is because they have discovered a formula to make their work and life balance, well, balanced. That is one of the biggest struggles you must conquer.

If the struggle is real for you and this adventure called single parenthood is new to you, let us give you some insight that might help. Everything from buying the right health benefits to single mother vacation ideas will be offered to you to help your future planning, your single mother mental health, and your sense of Zen.

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Helpful Tips for Being a Single Mom

Prioritizing is the place to begin when attacking the challenges of being a single mother, and even more so when working through it alone. We all know the children must come first, but the rest of the priorities need an organized order that makes sense and does the job right. Let us enlighten you to a few strategies that will give you an idea of the proper order, and ways to work some single mother magic that will enhance your future, and the happiness and wellness of your children.

1.     Finance Up

Yes, healthcare is expensive. Yes, child support is beneficial. But, earning a low salary to qualify for free healthcare and a higher stipend from your “baby-daddy” is not the path to travel, and ultimately, it will hurt all of you. Social programs can help, but the system is so overtaxed with those carrying this mentality, the help you need might be a much longer wait than you need.

Make quality income, get quality healthcare, and monitor your finances closely to know what to put in child support when and if it comes. It might pay for something needed, or even something awesome down the road. Can a single mother buy a house or condo? If she had the good sense to save a big down payment.

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2.     Don’t Fear Romance

Single mothers have needs just like the rest of us. She needs companionship, adult conversation, and even the options to enjoy a meal that doesn’t come from a hamburger helper box on occasion. Not to mention the physical hardships of being alone. How can a single mother get help with her “needs,” while keeping the kids as her highest priority.

According to the best dating sites, you must always make a plan. You have one or more children already, so if you have no intention of adding to the mix, insist on protection, use birth control, or take the big step and get your “tubes tied.” A good plan during adult time, coupled with mutual respect between you and your partner, saves long term considerations.

3.     You are NOT Alone

This seems antagonistic to the title of “single mother,” but it isn’t. You might not realize this, but there are LOTS of single parents in the world. There are probably a group of them that know each other in your town, and maybe even your neighborhood. Put down your pride, log onto the net, and find a support group.

Single moms prioritize the same thing: the kids. And because of this, there is no saber rattling, because you all share the same goal. They will give you good advice, help you with mental struggles, and even offer ideas if you are struggling to find single mother financial assistance. The longer a woman has been single, the more sage wisdom she is likely to have. Find your sage.

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4.     Professional Choices

Single mother jobs can be tricky to nail down when your schedule is planned around your children’s life. School, after school activities, and even breaks from school can change everything. But, that doesn’t mean your opportunities to excel are limited. It doesn’t mean you can’t own your own business. And it doesn’t mean you cannot seek promotions and more money.

On the contrary. It just means you have to pick a job that will work long term with your life plan. Most single mothers these days have found jobs where they can work from home. Those who haven’t have an in with affordable child care. There are always options. And if your town is antagonistic to assisting you with these needs, it might be time to relocate to a more equitable area.

5.     Take Responsibility

It takes two to tango, but only one to walk out to instantly make you a single parent. It is a sad commentary on the world that this happens not only often, but easily. It is not your fault. But there are times when both parties are at fault and you must accept it. It is a hard pill to swallow. After acceptance, comes the freedom to manifest your destiny without someone second guessing you. And this is exciting.

For instance, signing up for benefits. When you are a couple, it is a huge headache, but when wondering how to apply for single mother benefits, it is just you and the kids. The formula is much simpler. And adoption is tricky with a single parent, but if you are wondering if a single mother adopts a child, the answer is “yes.” The state of your life, your finances, the care of your existing children, and the comfort of your home are the biggest factors. Single parents adopt every day. 


Being a single mother is not the scarlet letter it used to be. You can thrive as a single mother and hold your head high these days, and lots of women who have children and don’t wish to share the experience go into it with renewed vigor. It is still important for your child to have at least one male role model, though. It helps to balance their growth. Have you experienced being a single mother?

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