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13 Diaper Bag Essentials for every newborn, baby and toddler

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We have looked at what moms need in their own bags (click on image below). I prefer to keep my things separate from my babies because the list of baby bag essentials can get to be long. Especially when they are newborn and you are not yet sure exactly what they need on a daily basis. Arguably, the list of diaper bag essentials can also grow as your baby gets older. I’d always advise keeping a separate bag for your baby. In this post, we will look at the items that I’d call your diaper bag necessities.

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Your Mommy Bag Necessities

You might be wondering though, whether you should even bother with a diaper bag. 

Do you need a diaper bag?

Sure, there are some moms out there who see a diaper bag as a waste of money. They would rather throw everything they need for your baby into a large handbag and have both theirs and their baby’s things in one place. 

That might work for some people and for a while but you will soon realize how disorganized things can get. You are not always making quick trips. Diaper bag essentials for newborns may seem small and compact and easy to fit into your bag. However, as the days and weeks go by and your baby gets bigger, you need more space. Whether you are only making short trips or not. 

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Sometimes, venturing out will require a lot of tools and materials to make sure your baby is comfortable and not all of them will fit in your own handbag. Having all your mommy items as well as baby’s necessities in one spot can become a chaotic experience whereby even finding a diaper in there becomes a problem.

Having everything you might need for your baby in one bag can be a blessing. Also, note that any bag can work as a diaper bag. As long as it is comfortable for you, fits well on your stroller or pram and can hold all diaper bag essentials for your baby in an organized fashion. It does not have to be an expensive bag and it can take whatever shape or form you like.

Now, what goes in a diaper bag?

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Your diaper bag absolute must-haves

  1. Diapers

Let’s start with the obvious. You will want to have more than just one. At least four diapers should be fine depending on how long you think you might be out of the house for. 

  1. Wipes

Keep one packet of wipes in your diaper bag at all times. It will come in handy for a host of things from nappy changes to wiping food and dirt off both your baby’s and your own hands. 

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  1. Empty cups or bottles 

If your baby uses cups or bottles, it is always good to have a couple of spare ones in your diaper bag in case you want to give them a drink in their own sippy cup or bottle. 

  1. A warm blanket

Regardless of which season of the year you are in, it is always useful to have a small warm blanket in your diaper bag as you might use it for anything from an extra cover up for yourself when you are breastfeeding to lining a surface before laying your baby down for a diaper change. 

Disclaimer: At no additional cost to you, I may get a small commission for purchases made through links within this page.

  1. Changing mat

Speaking of laying your baby down for a diaper change, it won’t always be in the back of your car. When you are out with your baby and need to change their diaper in a public restroom, you definitely won’t want to lay them down on any surface that you cannot effectively clean yourself. The safest thing to do is have a changing mat of your own to use. Some diaper bags come kitted out with their own changing mats and sometimes, an entire changing station. Like this one. Others won’t and you’ll have to purchase one to put in your diaper bag. 

  1. Extra clothes

You will absolutely be gifted with a poop explosion when you are out and about. If you have a newborn, it is bound to happen sometime if it hasn’t already. Those explosions always leak into clothing and if you’re not headed straight back home, you’ll need a change of clothing. If you have sufficient space in your diaper bag maybe pack two sets of additional clothing rather than one. 

  1. Nappy cream 

Your diaper bag essentials must include a nappy cream of some sort. When you’re doing diaper changes while out, you’ll want an extra tub of your usual nappy cream in your diaper bag. Just because you’re not home does not mean that your baby’s skin routine goes out the window. 

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  1. Muslin cloths or burp cloths 

Again, these may be useful for if you need to lay your baby down in a public area for a quick change. They’re of course good to have on hand to catch any spit up or vomit and also as a makeshift cover up while breastfeeding. 

  1. Antibacterial surface wipes

Have these on hand to wipe down dirty surfaces outside that your baby might be coming in contact with. 

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  1. Hand sanitizing gel or wipes 

You will need these for your hands especially if feeding your baby or preparing their food while out. 

  1. Dedicated diaper bag toys 

Distraction can often be the name of the game with a fussy baby. Keep a couple of toys in your diaper bag specifically to play with only when you’re out. It will be more special to your baby because they won’t get to play with them often. Those toys are more likely to keep them occupied for longer. 

  1. Healthy snacks

Depending on how old your baby is, keeping some snacks in your diaper bag will come in handy when you’re out. You will find that they will come in useful when they’re hungry or peckish. 

  1. Large Ziploc bags

These bags can hold your baby’s snacks but ideally, they should be empty and ready to take any leftover food or rubbish that you need to put away while you’re out. If you can’t access a bin while on the move, you can use a ziploc bag instead and dispose of it once you get home.

What are your diaper bag must-haves?

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