5 Emotional Changes During Pregnancy That No One Tells You About

Creating a baby is no easy task. The body goes through enormous hormonal changes during pregnancy that can put your mood and life in disarray. Not only is pregnancy a challenge physically, but it carries mental strains that are perfectly normal but seldom talked about.

These five emotional changes are common, as 20% of women experience mental health issues during pregnancy. Everyone loves talking about the wonders of pregnancy, but there are difficulties you shouldn’t fear admitting.

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1. Extreme Fatigue

You may feel it’s impossible to get out of bed in the morning. Going to or getting ready for work might feel insurmountable.

This fatigue is brought on by pregnancy anxiety, which is the worry that you won’t be good enough to raise or care for a child. Many people experience this self-doubt. You are not alone.

Sometimes feelings of fatigue are brought on by an unwanted pregnancy. In this case, talk to a healthcare professional about the challenges you’re facing.

2. Depression

This symptom is variable. Some women experience elation, while others suffer from depression. If you belong to the latter group, you have come to the right place for mental and emotional health advice.

If you find no pleasure in daily life or feel hopeless, irritable, and/or sad, you may be experiencing depression. It’s okay to seek help for issues that are troubling you. This service provides emotional support services as you continue along in your pregnancy.

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3. Body Image

Women are scrutinized for their bodies daily. But when you’re pregnant, you may find that you experience even more attention than usual as people poke, prod, and ask you unsolicited questions about your pregnancy.

You may feel strange as your body changes to support life. Many couples experience changes in sexual activity that can be challenging. Talk out your feelings or seek counseling if you feel unhappy with yourself or your situation.

4. Jealousy and Resentment

Pregnancy is a huge task. Sometimes the people closest to you in life don’t understand what it’s like to be pregnant. You can have a wonderful spouse who is clueless about the emotional changes and strain during pregnancy.

Your friends may be drinking wine in front of you, or your spouse might complain about something insignificant. It’s normal to resent people that don’t understand how you feel. Don’t keep it in; seek out emotional support from a third party.

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5. Due Date Anxiety

As your baby’s birthday draws close, you may feel unprompted feelings of anxiety. Will you be ready to take care of your child? Are you and your significant other prepared for the challenges of parenthood?

It is normal to sweat out the future. Lack of sleep accelerates irritable feelings and discomfort from carrying a child.

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Don’t Let Emotional Changes Own You

Feel your feelings. What you’re experiencing is a normal part of mental and emotional health during pregnancy. If you’re experiencing multiple mental wellbeing issues on this list during pregnancy, you should seek assistance.

Read our blog for more family tips and information. We are here to explain the emotional changes that occur in all walks of life.

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8 replies on “5 Emotional Changes During Pregnancy That No One Tells You About”

This is very true, many women think every thing will be sunshine and rainbows and when they start feeling like this they try to hide it because they “shouldn’t feel like this” but hormones can make this normal and definitely need to talk to their OB doctors about how they feel emotionally not just physically! I love this post!

Yes to number one. I had a burst of energy sometimes and other times just complete fatigue. Hormones!!!

Yes, agree with Riley about prenatal depression being less talked about. I too experienced extreme fatigue during my early pregnancy. Due to difficult pregnancy I had to leave my job and be at home, alone at home with no one around. I started studying some course to feed my brain…which didn’t know how to spend all the available time which was never there!!

I do not miss pregnancy or any of this at all I’m 5 months postpartum with my 2nd and I’m done.

I never knew how emotional I was until I got pregnant. One minute I was laughing and then crying the next.

Therw is so much that goes on with pregnancy that is not talked about. It is good to share some of those ideas with other moms to help them feel more normal.

Thank you for writing about these I feel like prenatal depression isn’t spoken about as often as it should be!

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