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How can I relax before my baby arrives?

relax before labour

You have done all the shopping you need to do for your baby. Everything your baby needs when you get home from the hospital has been purchased. You even have your hospital bag packed and ready to go. You are ready for anything. There’s just one thing you have probably forgotten: yourself. Are you tired or a little stressed out? You need to relax before your baby arrives. Relaxation is one of the most important things to do before baby arrives. 

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Relaxation does not necessarily equal sleep. There are lots of fun things that you can do before baby arrives. However, sleep is absolutely essential when you are preparing for labour and delivery. 

Here are suggestions of ways to relax before your baby is born. 

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How to relax before baby arrives

  1. Date night

Go on a lovely date night. It does not have to be too elaborate but you have to make it count. Go to your favourite restaurant together and eat that meal that you love so much but have not had in a while. Do one or two of the things you enjoy doing together the most. Talk about as many things as you can that make you both happy. Discussing your hopes and dreams for your journey into parenthood is a beautiful way to bond on date night.

  1. Get your hair done

You know when you’ve just had your hair done and you’re feeling like a new woman? That invigorating feeling might be just what you need to feel refreshed and ready for the next phase in your life.

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  1. Get a pre-natal massage

I got one of these around the 5 month mark and it was amazing. I fell asleep on the massage table. It was that relaxing. It also eased the pain that I had in my lower back for a few hours. While preparing for labour and delivery, if you do get a massage, please make sure it’s by a person who is specialised in pre-natal massage

  1. Enjoy your time alone

As much as you’ll adore your newborn, you will have moments where you will crave some time alone. Until your child is a little older, you’ll only be getting less time alone. You’ll probably look back fondly on these times when you could go to the bathroom alone and with the door closed. 

  1. Indulge in long meditation sessions

Some might say there is no better way to relax than to meditate. The benefits of meditation are endless for both your body and your mind. Meditation is also something that, depending on your baby’s sleep routines and your childcare situation once your baby arrives, might be difficult to do once you have had your baby. Get in as many sessions as you can now. 

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  1. Binge-watch a tv show

Ahh the bliss of starting a really good television show and realizing that not only have you hit episode 4 of season 2, but you don’t want to stop. Getting lost in an amazing show is a great feeling. It’s a feeling that you may not be able to enjoy for a while after you deliver your baby. Choose a show that is not tense or scary – remember the aim is relaxation and enjoyment, not anxiety. Good vibes only!

  1. Get some retail therapy

This is a win-win for both yourself and your baby if you still have some newborn shopping left to do. If (window) shopping relaxes you, take some time out to de-stress by looking at and/or buying up the things that you know you need in the three months after your baby is born. Get a few items that you know will give you that feel-good factor when you put them on. Keep in mind that your body will be a little different for a while after you give birth and your priority should be comfort when picking out clothes for that postpartum period. 

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  1. Getaway 

Spend a  weekend, a week or even a single night away from home. Choose somewhere special and make sure it’s not too much of an effort for you to get there and back home. If you’re especially close to your due date, make sure you’re not going far from your birthing hospital either. 

  1. Sleep 

If you do nothing else at all to relax before you give birth, sleep. Just sleep. Lie, close your eyes, and wait for sleep. Often. In the morning, at 3pm, and again an hour after you last woke up. You’ve got a great excuse! You’re growing a human. Your body is working really hard right now. You need all the sleep you can get. 

How do you relax before your baby arrives?

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  1. I struggled through my pregnancy and was sleep deprived. These are some of the very helpful tips to get relaxed during pregnancy.

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