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Why do I want a baby so badly? (You can Blame 1 of these 5 Reasons)

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Why do I want a baby so badly?” If you find yourself thinking about babies all the time lately, know that you are not crazy. It is not unusual and there could be several reasons for the way you are feeling. 

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What is it called when you want to have a baby?

Feeling broody. Baby fever. That strong emotional desire you have that seems to be almost tugging at your very ovaries is one that women have all the time. Women can feel broody at various times throughout the year and yes, sometimes even right after pushing a baby out!

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Some of these possible reasons for your baby fever are ones that you might immediately have thought of when you wondered why you cannot stop thinking about having a baby. Some might be new possibilities. Before you embark on the journey to parenthood, it is good to consider your why.

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What is causing your baby fever?

1. You crave an extension of yourself. A mini-me. One might attribute this desire to the Biological Imperative. The Biological Imperative asserts that there are things that every species does to propagate itself. Human beings, like any other species, both male and female, will feel the desire to see themselves re-created in another person or other people. 


2. You are spending time around other people’s newborns. Newborns are just so adorable aren’t they? They are so cute. They are even cuter when they are not yours. Sure, you might be chipping in on a few nappy changes here and there. The experience of living with a newborn around the clock is different. You get to inhale their wonderful baby scent and stroke their perfect baby skin without worrying about the grunt work that comes with taking care of a baby. No wonder you want a baby so badly.

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3. You want to give a child the kind of love you were given. You had an amazing childhood. A loving one. You have so many treasured memories of your childhood and you would love to be able to re-create that same kind of beautiful childhood for your own child. You want a child who can come to experience the same kind of love and with the same family members that you had. 

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4. You want to give a child the kind of love you were never given. Your childhood was one that left a lot to be desired. If you had the choice to go back into time and you could control things, there are a lot of things that you would change. You now have the opportunity to give a child the kind of life that you did not have and so you find yourself thinking all the time about how much you want a baby. 

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5. Your hormones. Does ovulation make you want a baby? Science would say it can. A woman’s oestrogen and progesterone levels are at their highest during ovulation and the hormones released may make you want to feel physically closer to your partner. In the process, you may start to think about how great it would be to have a baby together.

Are you feeling broody? Are you always thinking about having a baby lately?
Have you been asking yourself, “Why do I want a baby so badly?”
Why do you think that is?

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12 thoughts on “Why do I want a baby so badly? (You can Blame 1 of these 5 Reasons)”

  1. Such a great post! So many reasons to want to have a baby!

  2. I always say this to my friends, As long as You are the reason why you want to have a baby, then go for it.

  3. There are many reasons why people have unquenchable thirsts for children. You gave good explanations for some of the reasons here.

  4. Babies are cute, that’s why!! Lol. Okay, I guess that’s not a valid reason for having a baby 😉 Yours are, though!

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  6. This is so me right now. I’m craving another baby so badly right now, it’s all I can think of. Lol

    1. Kin Unplugged

      Lol it’s interesting how often us women can feel this way and how many things can trigger the feeling.

  7. amber

    I’m only 20 years old and I’ve been having this feeling for years I just know I’m gonna be a great mother one day I also didn’t have the best childhood so I’m gonna make sure when I do have a child I want to give them the best and the love I didn’t have but I’m trying to get my life together for I can have a baby soon wish me luck y’all!

    1. Kin Unplugged

      All the best to you Amber! You’re clearly going to be an amazing mom when you’re ready!

  8. Chané

    I feel alone because all my friends are having babies eccept me. I’ve had really bad baby fever to a a point i want to cry

    1. Kin Unplugged

      I’m sorry that you’re struggling so much with this. Hopefully you find some comfort in doing all the fun things that people with babies just don’t have the time to do.

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