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Dating age difference

Marriage is good but it’s hard

Marriage is good but it’s hard

You’re crazy lol

Yeah yeah I know
I’m beginning to finally see it these days you know

Old age? Lol

I dunno about y’all but i’m young shoot
Till my dumb ole self goes to a clubby place instead of a lounge then I am like what the heck
Are these kids doing here

I don’t get how guys date younger than them to be honest. My lil sister and her friends and that age group get on my last nerve
I mean if you are gonna have a purely sexual relationship with someone younger, I guess I can see the allure. But a proper relationship where you gotta talk to the person and do life with.
I don’t get it.
We be in two different planes. The things i’m thinking about someone 10 yrs younger isn’t thinking that.

Hahahaaa maybe it’s more a wisdom thing than an age thing. And maybe a tolerance level thing too lol

Must be. Old people are less tolerant.

What about lounges?

At least you can talk…and hear yourself think

Lounges separates smarts from airheads

I dunno
I like smart women and lounges separates smarts from airheads
Don’t care how physically appealing you may look
If you were dumb I lost interest quick And in the lounge it becomes very apparent who falls into what bucket
In the club you too busy
These things end up falling through the cracks

Very true

Then you’re like why did I give him/her my number

But don’t you think you only see how smart some women really are when the tough things in life happen?

Like….it’s hard to be sure what they’re going to be like even if they seem intelligent in the lounge when you first meet them

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Oooh yeah At this point you still getting what they want to show you but they also giving off certain things away without them knowing.
Everyone is on their best behavior at this point
Then y’all become boyfriend girlfriend and hopefully some type of adversity hits so you can judge what type of boyfriend or girlfriend you have
Adversity shows character and mental fortitude

You said hopefully?! Lol!

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Loving someone is always easy when the circumstances are ideal

You won’t really see how a person is and the measure of how much they claim to love you until you are in a not so good spot
Loving someone is always easy when the circumstances are ideal
Almost anyone can do that
So I look at my parents now right
And one is sick
Their so called love is being tested
Words are easy to say
Similar to the words below:
“The Dream is free. The hustle to get the dream to be a reality is sold separately”
“I love you” is now cheap

Yeah for better or for worse. We never think of how bad that worse can be

Marriage is good don’t get me wrong but it’s hard

So damn hard

Sometimes I wake up and I am like “man I don’t know what I would do without [my wife]”
Other times I wake up and I am like, “ why the heck am I with her? She is getting on my last nerve”
That, sweetheart, is the reality
But this narrative does not fit the Cinderella happy ever after narrative
I told [my wife] I am not responsible for your happiness per se. That’s between you and God. But I, however, can not be responsible for your unhappiness

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Hardest thing I did with my life [marriage]

Yeah it’s hard for us to remember that sometimes. Probably especially for women who are taught by storybooks to wait for their Prince Charming to sweep them off their feet and solve all their problems for them

But maybe part of it is you men’s fault too. Coz you’re generally problem solvers and you try to solve the problems of ppl you love. You can make women feel esp early on that that is what you’re there for


We do solve problems

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8 thoughts on “Dating age difference”

  1. I think all relationships have struggles but sounds like you two are a happy couple, congrats!

  2. Lynn

    Marriage is one of the hardest things in the world. Right along there with parenthood!

  3. Ali

    Yep, marriage isn’t easy. It’s worth it though when you are with the right person.

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