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53 Beautiful African Baby Girl Names with Valuable Meanings

african baby girl names

Africa is a continent, contrary to many people’s understanding. It is a massive continent with about 1.2 billion people and 54 sovereign countries. Each country is likely to have different tribes and ethnic groups within it. With that many countries and peoples of varying backgrounds, can you imagine how difficult it would be to pick out the perfect African baby girl names? 

While many African families choose to give their babies English names, many will also include names from their cultural backgrounds. This may be done in an effort to ensure that coming generations do not forget or lose track of their families’ roots. Other families choose African baby names because they like the meanings behind them. Still others will choose an African name for their baby because that is how naming has traditionally been done in the family over the generations.

african baby girl names
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Choosing any baby names is difficult and arguably, you make it a little easier on yourself if you narrow it down to one country or even one continent. However, it is still a difficult task. That is why I have compiled this list of African baby girl names and their meanings to help you pick out the perfect baby name for your daughter. 

Of course, given the very size of the continent, it might be next to impossible to document every single one but these are a few that I thought were both beautiful and had interesting and valuable meanings. African baby names are so special.

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Why are African baby names so special?

To me, African baby names are special because if you are African, they tell people or give people a clue as to your cultural heritage or that of your ancestors before you say anything else about yourself. African names tend to carry some responsibility too as they will usually be specifically given because of the meanings behind them or the people in the family whom a baby is being named after. 

Children given African names that come with such heavy meanings are expected to be able to live up to them and often even exceed expectations. See for example, Nkeiruka below (meaning ‘future is great’). A girl given that name will generally be expected to succeed in all facets of her life. It is a responsibility that many people treasure rather than feel the burden of.

african baby girl names
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Wonderful African Names for Girls

Baby Girl NameMeaningOrigin
Ababorn on ThursdayGhanaian
Abikeborn to treasureNigerian
Abiolaborn in honor or wealthNigerian
Adeolacrown of wealthNigerian
Adomagrace, graciousGhanaian
Adwoaborn on MondayGhanaian
Afiaborn on FridayGhanaian
Afrakomacharming the heartGhanaian
AizivaisheGod knowsZimbabwean
Akinyiborn in the morningKenyan
Akuaborn on WednesdayGhanaian
Amaborn on SaturdayGhanaian
Bisharagood tidingsKenyan
Bunmibeing my giftNigerian
ChidinmaGod is beautifulNigerian
Chiedzalight and brightnessZimbabwean
ChinweGod ownsNigerian
EbukaGod is greatNigerian
Elohorsoft, meek, blessingNigerian
Esiborn on SundayGhanaian
Ezinnegood motherNigerian
Maduof the peopleEgyptian
Makbelfreedom seekerEthiopian
Nhyirabachild of blessingsGhanaian
Nkeirukafuture is greatNigerian
Oghoghohappiness, joyNigerian
Owusuwaastrong willed and determinedGhanaian
PhindileI did it againSouth African
Ronkesomething to care forNigerian
SelaseGod has heardGhanaian
Selasiin God’s handsGhanaian
Serwaanoble personGhanaian
Shingaito be strong and persevereZimbabwean
Sompagood serviceGhanaian
Temimine, worthy of joyNigerian
TendoGod is worthy of praiseSouth Africa
Tesfayemy hopeEthiopian
Uwanimy motherNigerian
Vimbaihaving faith or trustZimbabwean
Visolalongings are waterfallsKenyan
Wairimudaughter of a giantKenyan/Tanzanian
WumpiniGod’s giftGhanaian

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I must say I love any African girl names meaning ‘grace’. Grace is just such a pretty name to me and somehow, every time I have encountered it in any other language, it has been just as pretty. African girl names meaning ‘grace’ in my list include Adoma and Alheri. See? Just as pretty. 

So there you have it: a list of some of the most interesting and beautiful African baby girl names and their meanings. This list will continue to grow as I discover more wonderful and popular African baby names. 

Which of these African baby girl names stands out most to you?

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