The In-Law Christmas Gift Guide

The In-Law Christmas Gift Guide

in-law gift guide

If you’re anything like me, shopping for gifts for people can be a painful process. I tend to overthink things in an effort to make sure I’m getting something that the person definitely needs or will absolutely appreciate. While these are the right aims, sometimes letting go and hoping they know it’s the thought that counts is what really matters. Christmas is the time of year that I need to remind myself of that the most. I’m always looking out for some sort of Christmas gift guide to make things easier. I’ve found it especially tricky to find a lot on in-law Christmas gift guides. If you’ve had this difficulty too, this one’s for you!

I’ve personally only gone down the music, cosmetic/perfumery and baked goods road with my in-laws but I’ve always been interested to see what other people think up. Of course, these things get easier the longer you’ve known people and the better you know them so hopefully it shouldn’t be too tough late in the future!

I asked for suggestions from some mom friends and asked Mr. Google too.

Below is a list of good Christmas gift ideas that are likely to go down well with your in-laws.

You’re sure to score on at least one thing here regardless of your budget!

Click on item names and photos to see purchasing options.

Disclaimer: At no additional cost to you, I may get a small commission for purchases made through links within this page.

1. Kristen at suggests a cake mixer

in-law gift guide

2. Budget-friendly marbled nail polish mugs via Strength & Sunshine

3. All Natural Homemade Bar soap via Pink Fortitude

4. DIY Candles – find two guides here and here

5. Gratitude Journals – find the one that I use below

In-Law Christmas GiftIn-Law Christmas Gift .

6. Travel coffee maker

In-Law Christmas GiftIn-Law Christmas Gift

7. DIY Brunch gift box

in-laws christmas gift guide

8. Sugar-free homemade white chocolate. Click through the link to see how to make vegan chocolates as gifts for your in-laws.

In-Law Christmas Gift
Photo courtesy of WholesomeYum

9. Air FryerRecipe This recommends the Philips’ brand!

In-Law Christmas GiftIn-Law Christmas Gift

10. Eco-friendly Beard brush & comb set. The men in the family are not to be neglected!

11. Coach satchel bag. If you can afford a higher price tag, a fancy hand bag like this is good value for the well-placed zipped compartments and amazing design.

In-Law Christmas GiftIn-Law Christmas Gift

12. Cultured pearl earrings

In-Law Christmas GiftIn-Law Christmas Gift

13. Jo Malone Cologne

Your mom-in-law and sister-in-law will always appreciate anything that smells good. Jo Malone colognes smell amazing and unique. Special fragrances like this particular one make awesome gifts for a sister in law or mother in law.

In-Law Christmas GiftIn-Law Christmas Gift

14. L’Occitane Almond Milk Concentrate

15. Framed family photos

16. Bath bomb cubes

bath bomb gifts christmas

17. DIY Christmas potpurri in a jar (pictured below)

potpourri christmas gift

18. DIY Etched glasses. Find a guide HERE.

19. Shelley from Taming Frenzy suggests an electric footwarmer. That’s something anyone would appreciate around the Christmas holidays!

In-Law Christmas GiftIn-Law Christmas Gift

20. Three bean chili mix bean jar. Angela from Marathons & Motivations has the ingredients laid out HERE (photo below)

chili mix jar in law gift

21. DIY Leather Keychain

22. Personalised snow globe

23. Homemade vegan chocolate

24. Easy tote bag. Find the super straightforward sewing tutorial HERE

25. Flossie’s DIY Spa treatment

26. Homemade Sugar skin scrub

27. Ferrero Rocher Decorative Pyramid

28. A Grooming Kit for a gentleman. Get a good quality one like this and it’s always a winner with the men in your family!

In-Law Christmas GiftIn-Law Christmas Gift

29. A dash cam

30. Vinyl record player

In-Law Christmas GiftIn-Law Christmas Gift

31. Outdoor security camera

In-Law Christmas GiftIn-Law Christmas Gift

When all else fails, a gift card is your best bet but a gift for your in-law shows that you put some effort into it. Go back over that list and see if there’s anything you may have missed!

What interesting or unique gift ideas have you had that were a hit with your in-laws?

in-law gift guide
Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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    ooo I love the Christmas morning gift box idea! I always struggle with getting gifts for the in laws! Thanks for sharing!

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    These are great ideas! My in-laws can be tough to buy for! I love those nail polish mugs. I think my kids will be making some of these soon! 😀

  3. Amy Gougler

    These are some great ideas! I really love the marbled mugs and brunch gift box. My in laws would love those!

  4. Trish

    This is a fun and good list ? I definitely want the stand mixer for myself lol

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